You guys wanna see something cool? ((Sorry if it's a re-post))

Check out a big bolt of lightning making a plane it’s b*tch.

I found this this morning and I thought it was kind of an interesting little link. Plus, I have a really strong affinity for lightning.

Enjoy. :slight_smile:

I noted the writing next to the plane. Is this the Chinese’s new anti-P-3 weapon?

'Cause I’m gonna start wearing galoshes and rubber gloves. . .

Holy Shit!!!

What a shot! Any idea what happened to the plane? Or the people on-board?


Wow. Now THAT was cool.

No idea… I couldn’t find any more info on what plane it was or what happened afterward. Still, that is a dang good shot. Looks like it’s from a control tower.

More than likely the plane either flew on or landed

It’s not uncommon that planes get hit by lightning.

Yes it does sometimes fuck with the electrical systems but I believe they are shielded for this kind of effect.