You have ONLY two choices.

Be a world famous singer or a goalkeeper for the topmost football club in the world . Both will bring fame and money .

What will you choose and why ?

Singer. More money and a longer career.

Singer. Less chance of debilitating injury, better drugs and less testing.

Singer. I hate sports and think they’re a waste of time better spent doing anything.

Goalkeeper is probably less work. They mostly just stand there, don’t they?

Goalkeeper. I enjoyed the work I put in to get good at it, I enjoyed the games, I enjoyed everything about it when I played. Just so I don’t have to wear Jorge Campos-type uniforms, I’m typically much less flamboyant.

Singer. I’ve always loved to sing, I’m just not very good at it. I don’t really care about sports.


  1. Different kind of stage fright. I’d feel uncomfortable being the center of attention as a singer. As an athlete, not so much.

  2. Less time spent on bullshit/publicity . . . maybe. Being a singer wouldn’t be as bad as being an actor, and there’s still plenty of bullshit that star athletes have to go through. Seems like less, though.

  3. I can’t even imagine the kind of drug problems I’d have as a world famous musician. As an athlete, it would be much less likely to be an issue.
    Do I have to be famous? Couldn’t we have a third option where I just win a gigantic lottery?

Singer, obviously. Who’s ever heard of goalkeeper groupies?

Singer. Standing in front of large crowds is nowhere nearly as scary as standing in front of large crowds with a high-speed projectile heading in my direction.

Star athletes absolutely have groupies (or de facto groupies), though from what I understand the upgrade from “athlete groupie” to “celebrity groupie” is substantial. Good point.

Singer. I not only don’t follow sports, I violently loathe them.


You are a funny guy !:stuck_out_tongue:

The topmost football club in the world is the currently undefeated New Orleans Saints. They don’t have a goalkeeper. If I could play Linebacker or Defensive End for them, I would, but the OP says only two choices…Singer or Goalkeeper.

Sign me up for Singer.

…take…these broken wings…

Yup…flexing the golden pipes right here in this very thread…

…and learn to fly again…


They are known for the goals they let in by standing there , not by the goals they saved !:smiley:

Singer because I’d like to think my songs could live on after me - think about all the songs we listen to by people who aren’t with us anymore. They comfort us when we are sad, make us smile when we are happy, give us something to play air guitar to, and help major manufacturers everywhere sell us stuff we don’t need.

Goalkeeper - well, y’know, I don’t have a lot of goalkeepers on my ipod.

Singer, oh how I would love to be a singer. Sports doesn’t even come into it. At all.


I’d love to sing and not have people say, “shut up jali”.

Singer. I hate sports.

Tough call. Singer.

Longer career, better groupies.