you have to make the payments?

One of the tv loan ads run the usual spiel about easy loans even with credit problems, but at the end they say “But you do have to make the monthly payments”.
No kidding! this statement strikes me as odd. Is there some reason, legal or psychological, etc, why they make this specific statement? I’ve seen two commercials so far, same spiel different actors, where they say exactly the same thing at the end.
You may have to actually see the commercial to understand my question.

… because maybe people who have credit problems and are having trouble getting loans might not realize people aren’t just going to give them the money? That might explain the credit problems… “How can I be out of money? I still have all these checks!”

It might be along the lines of the fine print in some of those “0% financing” offers for furniture.

You don’t have to pay the interest, but the accrued interest is tracked during the life of the loan (generally at something scary like 20-25%). If you miss a payment, then the interest increases to that rate for the rest of the loan, and all the back-interest is immediately applied to the loan balance. Also, if the loan is not paid off in a given period (and from my experience the “minimum monthly payment” they ask for won’t do it), then at the end of that period all the back interest is again applied to the balance.

So it may be “you do have to make the payments on time, every month to keep this particular deal or we’ll smack you like a red-headed stepchild”.

I found the company, and an opinion.
Are they closing a legal, borrower friendly, loophole?
Check out their interest rates. :smack:
Is it okay for me to post these links?
No matter the rationalization, this kind of thing sucks.