You know, "Delta Force" with Chuck Norris (1986) is a pretty good movie.

I’d seen it as a kid, but I picked up the DVD the other day for 3$ thinking it would be a pretty good laugh.

Actually, Delta Force is a pretty good movie, and not really corny at all. The hijacking seems pretty realistic, and Chuck only gives 1/2 a round house kick in the whole film. Some aspects are a little silly, like the “Delta Force” using Uzis frequently (which are kind of P.O.S.'s in real life) but it turns out the movie is Israeli backed, so it makes sense I guess.

Anyway, it’s a way more intelligent film than I expected, and is a great example of a good 80’s action movie that doesn’t need a bunch of karate and tits to work.

I loved that movie as a teenager back in the Ra-Ra Reagan 80’s, and still like it now (I’ve had the DVD for a few years now).

For what it is (historically-inspired action flick), you’re right - it actually is a pretty good movie. What stood out for me in recent re-viewings were two things:

  1. I really liked Hanna Schygulla as the German flight attendant who bravely takes a beating for refusing to participate in the selection of Jewish passengers and also George Kennedy as a Catholic priest who voluntarily includes himself with the sequestered Jewish passengers. I know it’s emotionally manipulative, but I still get a little moist-eyed when I see those scenes.

  2. There was quite an effort made to humanize the terrorists (the main ones on the plane, not the human flotsam at the downtown location). They are not simply stone cold savages - they respect bravery in (some) of their captives and make some efforts to comfort children and that pregnant woman. Compare their depiction to the bad guys in True Lies , which was the last instance I can recall of a major US film using Muslim terrorists as the villains.

Resurrecting this only because another thread (“I watched The Dirty Dozen for the first time today”) got me thinking about movies I loved as a kid that seemed hyper-violent at the time but are relatively tame by today’s blood-and-guts-violence standards, and for me that movie was The Delta Force. One of my cousins had it on VHS and every time I went over to his house we’d watch it.

Watching it now I realize that it’s not an idiotic action movie, it’s got an actual plot (unlike our other favorite movie at the time, Bloodsport). And Lee Marvin was still as hard as nails as ever.

Not only that, but it was filmed here in Israel (with southern Tel Aviv-Jaffa standing in for Beirut), and had plenty of well-known Israeli actors in the cast.

I don’t even hear you…

I feel like I don’t know you anymore. :frowning:

The hijacking was based verbatim on a real hijack. Including the german air hostess hiding the jewish passports. Everything up to the point that chuck norris got involved is as it actually happened.

And it is a great film. the motor bikes with the rockets were cool.