You know it's cold when...

You tuck your puppy under his dog blanket at night, and when you wake up the next day, he’s still under there. :slight_smile:

(It was - 34 here overnight).

it seems all you see are Ontario and Quebec license plates on the road. Oh, it’s not cold here, but it’s surely cold up where they come from.

It is raining, though, which is something. Still about 75° F, though.

**You know its cold when . . **
You go out for a field excerise, and when its time to pack up, your tent stakes are frozen in the ground. . .yea . .not fun =)

You know it’s cold when…

…you can skate around Queen’s Park like a big ice rink. And play hockey. :cool:

The usually crusty bus drivers actually pull over and let people on, despite not being near actual bus stops!

(Happened to me this AM - thank you, oh kind and benevolant bus driver!)

You know its cold when:
Lawyers put their hands into their own pockets
Hell freezes over and consequently Russia wins the world soccer championship

You know it’s cold when…

you go outside and keep tripping over all those brass balls on the sidewalk…

Please tell me I don;t have to explain that… :smiley:

You know it’s cold when…

…they report wind-chill equivalent temperatures in seconds required to freeze exposed skin… :eek:

…you spit and it hits the ground solid and rolls away.

…you start getting frostbite taking out the trash, and your driveway is short!
(me last night; that really smarted when I came back in)

…the mail is too cold to hold when you bring it in
(it’s paper, fercryingoutloud, paper *never * gets that cold)
-trupa, in Calgary, -33 this morning, -42 equivalent temp.

You Canucks keep your damn cold weather to yourselves. Don’t make me come up there! :stuck_out_tongue:

…it won’t snow

…when your Minneapolis colleagues have to take the day off to see after their kids because the schools got “soft” and closed because it was only -17.

I recall back in college in Fairbanks standing in melted snow in the arctic entry putting on gloves, etc. prior to going out into -63 cold and ice fog. I walked outside and the air hit me like a slap. I stood there for about five seconds looking around in amazement at the ice in the air. When I tried to move on, I discovered that my wet shoe bottoms had frozen to the sidewalk. An odd feeling, to say the least.

Oh Come On! -42? Are you friggin kiddin me?
I thought it’s cold in Denver when it gets to -1. That’s a balmy day at the beach!

For me it is cold when step outside and all of the moisture in your nose instantly dries up. It is the wierdest thing I have ever felt.

-33°C yesterday morning; -42°C with windchills. No shit. I still walked half an hour to work, cause I ain’t askeered of no cold.:smiley:

You know it’s cold when your tires kinda thump from the edges that formed from sitting overnight (known as “square tires”).

The thing I notice the most is how things sound different. Sound travels better in cold air and when it’s really cold you can hear really well.

Minneapolis is at -15 today. To tell the truth, it’s not that bad. It’s sunny and the winds are light. Not a big deal. The record for today is -32 so it’s nowhere near as cold as it could be.

You know it’s cold when you sit on the fabric seat in your car, and it feels like concrete. And the stickshift and pedals don’t want to move easily.

but it’s a dry heat!

-32 in Edmonton, but supposed to go all the way up to -22. Heat wave!

…when you look forward to snow not because you love seeing the ground covered with the soft white stuff, but because it’ll mean it’s decently warm for once

You know it’s cold when…

The propane for your furnace gells.

The ravens turn white.

Your hands stick to the doorknob, should you be fool enough to touch 'em barehanded.

Your new nylon backback splits, spilling all your books on the ground.

You can’t take a deep, fast breath.

You can see the frost growing on the nails on the INSIDE of the house.

The airport half a mile away sounds like it’s in your back yard.

The ice fog renders visibility to six to eight feet. ( Never thought I’d see anything that compared to a tule fog, but this does. Confirmed by an expat Californian.)

Your transmission explodes all over the parking lot 'cause you didn’t warm your vehicle up enough (several of these this week).

Your radiator explodes because you are stupid enough to be running straight antifreeze, or you didn’t put enough fluid in, or you didn’t warm it up enough (our truck is a victim this time…and it WASN’T ME).

Day uuuuuhhhhh four? I think of -35C or colder. -45C the last couple mornings. There’s only four of us in an office that normally has more than a dozen. Three on vacation, and the rest can’t make it in from the rural residential parts of town. Dead vehicles, or heating systems that can’t be unattended for longer than three or four hours.

S’posed to be up to a balmy -25C or so by Monday or Tuesday though, so we’re looking forward to that.

When you sleep with the heat off and you wake up and it’s dark and you’re sleepy and you don’t have your glasses on and you sip a cup of hot tea and you can see your breath inside. That’s cold.