You know just how it is going to end, but you like/hate it that way.

You know, I was just rereading some old Lovecraft stories, and it occurs to me that I know just how the story will end pages before I actually reach it. This is not entirely due to my rereading the stories. I can clearly remember this feeling the first time I read most of the stories. This makes me wonder.

Who on this forum knows just how the story/movie/play will end, and enjoys that fact anyway? Who hates it when this happens? Does it happen for some stories and not others? If so, what stories? Please put the ending, if included, in spoiler boxes, or invisitext, please.

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Part of it is watching it all come together, and saying “oooh, that fits! Yes, so does that!”; part of it (if it’s well-written in a particular way) is going “oh, but what if I’m wrong? What else could it be?”