You know what I hate? How the word empowerment lost its original use and context

Thanks to the rise of SJW culture, empowerment doesn’t really apply anymore to people who are bullied for instance or socially akward. Empowerment now only applies to certain demographics regardless if you’re marginalized or not.

Now taking nude selfies is considered empowerment, commiting crimes is considered empowerment, bitching and whining is considered empowerment.

It has become the buzzword version of motivation now and is just sad.

Thnx rise of cultural Marxism. Is only a matter of time before punching a wall is considered bullying.

However compared to motivation, the word was even rare to use back in the day. Still, it has been watered down.

Oh, piss off, you whiny fucking snowflake.

Shouldn’t you be outside with your hypermasculine black buddies playing stickball or Chubby Bunny or something, instead of sitting inside on a Sunday and boring the living shit out of a bunch of people you’ve never met with your half-brained observations?

I am actually going on a walk, thnx.

Isn’t it time for your nap?

I see no need to read further :dubious: we already know the post is BS

To expand, rather than simply vent my frustration with the OP.

You, OP, are letting yourself be manipulated by the hypocrites.

Nobody of any kind of influence says ‘crime’ is empowering, you bloody moron, and the (frankly, idiotic) article you posted doesn’t even claim it.

But, speaking of meaningless buzzwords: ‘SJW’ and ‘cultural marxism’ are completely empty worship words, used by people trying to hypocritically manufacture victimization for themselves.

I agree this is mostly internet stuff. I am just tired of watering down of the word. That speaks a lot of volume for the rise of identity politics in our culture.

Luciano, since you have brought this to the pit…even taking into account your age, your not being raised in this culture, and your self-proclaimed autism, you still come off like a moronic twit with an emotional and intellectual age in the single digits.

Fine, as long I can still use the word “empowerment” for myself. I am all cool.

education, strife, overcoming obstacles, and work.

And diaper change?

Haven’t we seen this exact same troll recently? Get some new material, bub.

Before you all come me a troll. First off I want to say I am trying to fight my own ignorance for once
2nd, is ok guys. I been pretty marginalized and shilled through my personal life already. Surely this will do me any better.

That isn’t how you spell “embarrassment.”

Yep, just as expected.

For GOSH sake’s, this is more about the rise of identity politics getting into everything.
Let me tell you all something. I been studying sociology for the last 2 years, this has let me understand the social world from a better perspective.

I don’t know what the fuck you’re smoking, but you really need to pass that shit around. please.

If you don’t get off the MRA/MGTOW/Incel bandwagon you seem to be getting on, you are looking at how you will be treated for the rest of your life. But not because you are facing jerks, but because you are becoming a jerk.

There are a lot of words that SJWism has ruined the meaning of. “Racism”, “Sexism”, “Misogyny”, “Rape”, “Sexual Assault”, etc., etc.

Nothing is ever bad enough on its own to the SJW crowd, so everything has to be exaggerated to the greatest possible extent so as to make it 'teh. worst. thing. evar!".

So tiresome and silly…and ultimately counter-productive.

Well first off, I never ever thought stuff like mysogny or racism was ok. I have however accepted for instance the biological differences between men and women

I also don’t buy into political labels, as they seen to be getting watered down as well with the rise of identity politics.

I if anything call myself a classical liberal. And I also believe in free speech.

And I also do understand that competition and marginilazation are big elements of human nature.