You know what they say about when you assume...

This is cool :smiley:


Unless the “chick” is Eve, it’s pretty obvious things aren’t what they seem

Hmmm…so here I was sitting with my little girl, who LOVES Opalcat posts…
::Clicks link::
::frantically tries to stop link::
::tells child to go see if there’s any tea::
::laughs hysterically::
::Daughter once again thinks Opalcats posts are the coolest::

Your child loves my posts? very confused

Heh. Thanks Opal!

I clicked the link at work and my heart stopped for roughly 2 seconds.

Then I giggled hysterically and showed it to all my co-workers.

Damn, that guy’s armpit is a hottie!

I keep trying to think of more people to show it to.

Not clicking from work. Nope. Nope. Nope.


Opal that was HILARIOUS!! Thanks for making my day. :smiley:

Ethilrist: it’s safe to look at at work.

My heart freaking stopped because as soon as I clicked the link the CIO decided to stick his head in my cube. Thank God he has a sense of humor.

Ah, that’s awesome! Thanks!


Going to forward it to my Wife…

I get “cannot find server” :frowning:

Suuuuurrre it is… :dubious:
not falling for it.

Ok so watch it at home. Then I bet you send it to all your co-workers and probably even your boss :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent! That went to about half my address book.

I click on it, and just get that little icon representing a jpg image, even though I’m linked to an mpg. Very confused, I am. I have the lateset IE and windows XP, why won’t it work? The page even says ‘done’ down at the bottom.