Post for free, yes, FREE!

(Mods: Don’t blame Opal. This is my doing alone.)

Mad at Little Ed for taking away your free fun? Annoyed at having to shell out for your opportunity to get Pitted by somebody you don’t even know? At loose ends since your significant other cancelled your PayPal account because of that unfortunate eBay purchase that takes up half the bedroom? Live in a country where five bux American can buy you not one but TWO wives? Pissed off because they are asking for money without adding much in the way of features? Or do you just live on a limited, even nonexistent, income and would rather use that five bux for food? Our good friend Opalcat, Queen of the Webgurlz (at least the clothed ones), has the solution you seek, the Fabulous Forums of Fathom!

Imagine this:



Its own radio station!

Your own free web page and email!

People who have been banned here!

Many people from here who haven’t been banned!

Me! (Okay, I’ll admit that’s not much of an inducement :frowning: )

and soon YOU!

Have I said that all of this is FREE?*

I’ve only scratched the surface. Opal is always adding more features and it’s hard to keep track of it all. Even the stuff you can buy (hey, it’s gotta get paid for SOMEHOW) is always changing, unlike the Straight Dope stuff that hasn’t changed since I started here.

    • That, as we have experienced here, is subject to change but I know of no plans for it so this is just one of those standard disclaimers.

Dilema - Should I register as ‘Lobsang’ and stand a chance of being recognised. Or should I register as my prefered pseudonym.

I am still paying to stay here but I registered on the fathom board too. I am geewhiz_part_2 there.

I also put dropzone as the person who referred me. Maybe you will get a cookie!

Lemme get this straight. Out of feelings of pathos, or empathy, or charity, or whatever, you’re actually Spamming the SDMB? Doesn’t matter the tiniest bit whether or not Opal knows about what you’re doing. This is Spam.

BTW I’m paying and staying here too (This place damn well deserves our $4.99). Just that I jump at the chance to join decent MBs when they come up

Yeah, Unc, you know what a sweetie I am. :rolleyes:

I prefer to think of it as “presenting an alternative so people stop bitching here.” The fact that it is a very nice alternative is material. Prior ill will between the SDMB and the FFF is not. But do with the thread what you wish.

I suspect a large increase of new memberships over there in the next 2 weeks.

I doubt OpalCat needs help in promoting her boards, dropzone. They’re fairly well-known around the SDMB populace to begin with. If people want to register af Fathom, or any other board for that matter, that’s of course perfectly fine - whether they do so because of the SDMB going PTP or not. But we don’t need threads devoted to the promotion of alternative websites.