Well, where can I go now?

It’s been fun… but by the increasing number of subscriber only forums… I knew this would happen eventually.

I’m not going to be subcribing. I am 16… so I don’t have paypal or anything like that. And I don’t have a steady income.
So I will probably be leaving here after my 30 days of guest-posting are up.

Can anyone suggest some good (FREE!) forums that I could join?
I really loved this board because of the:
Lack of immaturity displayed on most internet chatrooms/forums.
Appealing look and threads…(i.e. Not being able to post pictures and avatars to eat up bandwidth.)

I mostly enjoy visiting the Cafe society, MPSIMS, and IMHO.

So can you suggest to me some decent forums that I may like?

Five bucks is a very small fee to invest in one’s education…:). Ask mom and/or dad to loan you the moolah!

http://fff.fathom.org/forums/ - many dopers there.

I can afford 5 bucks… It’s just that I don’t have a paypall account and such and I dont want to ask my dad if he’ll pay for it with his credit card or something. It’s likely that if he is using something of his or paying for something for me to post stuff on the internet, He would want to view it. And I like my privacy. Which is why I haven’t purchased a web site domain or anything.

I’ll check out that forum, thx Lobsang