ten dollars poorer, ten forums richer. and morally bankrupt.

yes, i’ve finally broken. i sent money to SomethingAwful, and now have a forum registration. considering the number of people who were whining about paying for this place, i guess there’s probably not that many multi-forum people here. but i know i’ve seen one or two threads posted with the same title and content here, at Exploitation Now, and at SA, so there are a couple transcendent posters.

i suppose i just wanted to admit my guilt, beg forgiveness, and ask who else hangs out on both forums.
also, i guess i wanted to share that i am really sleepy 'cause it’s late.

boy, i’m sleepy!


Is it worth it?

yes. yes it is.

who needs those silly ol’ morals anyway?

[sub]i still remember your dark secret, Muad’Dib![/sub]

Ah, SA. The place of goatsec, yu0=fagg0t and the birthplace of “All your Base”…

I spend a lot of time on the Awful forums, and I’m one of the oldest posters there (agewise). There’s some stuff I don’t agree with there, and there’s stuff posted there that I haven’t related to in years, but there’s also some of the funniest stuff on the web. Plus, I love to mess about with Photoshop, so I’m right at home.

Just like here, there’s lots of intelligent and humorous posters.

I didn’t have to pay the ten bucks, because I was grandfathered in from the free days, but I paid it anyway. It’s worth it to me.

I have split from the SA forums twice now. They can be a funny, funny place. The folks there are amazing with Photoshop and can be hilarious when they put their mind to it.

However, I found there were many times where it was painfully obvious that I’m a good ten years older than the average person there. There’s a constant hostile feeling there, though it seems to have settled down a little.

I too was grandfathered in and never had to pay the ten bucks, nor would it, since it’s ridiculously easy to be banned on the whim of a moderator. I also questioned how much I want to give to the owner of a set of forums who seems to show nothing but contempt for the people on them.

They can be a lot of fun, and can be incredibly silly and hilarious, but when it comes to a plain old discussion, I’d rather talk to people who have more to discuss than the latest FPS game and Radiohead CD.

yes, i agree with all your points; though the SomethingAwful forums seem to think my way and fit my mindset better, the (far and away) tighter community, better in-depth debate and discussion, and generally higher brow of the Straight Dope still makes me love this place.

also, the fact that all the hatred and rage here has been concentrated into one big horrible tungsten plated orbital lance firing into the BBQ pit and parts of GD seems more appealing than the napalm spread of hatred all over over there.

Well, I’ve been tempted many times, but was really afraid of spending money on something I would not use. Not that it’s alot of many, but I’m a single parent, blah blah blah and wasting any amount of money is not something I’m keen about doing.

I guess if they resent us older and wiser folks, maybe it’s a good thing I never signed up.

Just out of curiosity, what are the “invisible” forums on SA?

the “hidden” forums are… (C&P of the forum page, with some coding so it looks OK…)


General Bullshit
General discussion; no flamewars or work-unfriendly crap.

**DPPH v1.1 **
DON’T post ANY porn here, just like the name implies.

**Current Events **
Talk about politics, news items, and other current events.

**Topics **

** Serious Hardware / Software Crap**
Discuss computer hardware / software stuff.

** SA’s Photoshop Challenge! (SAPC) **
SA Photoshop competition!

** Automotive Insanity **
Talk about car-related things here.

** Graphic Design - Tips, Hints, and Guides**
All your graphic design needs.

** Games **
Talk about the games you love and hate.

** NMP3s! **
No mp3s here. So don’t post any.

** Anime Death Tentacle Rape Whorehouse **
Your awful Anime forum.

** Awful Links **
The awful treasures of the Internet.

** Reading & Creative Writing **
HOT, HOT, HOT writing action!

** Fuck You and Goatse.cx! **
Post all flamewars and disgusting pictures here.

**SA Goon Meetings **
Plan and schedule your worldwide meetings here.

**Archives **

The best of the best threads.

** General Bullshit - Archives**
Bullshit archives.

** General Bullshit - Comedy Gas Chamber**
Threads go here to DIE.
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“Current Events”, “SA’s Photoshop Challenge! (SAPC)” and the “Comedy Goldmine” are the ones you can look at without an account.
of course, “DPPH v1.1” is where naughty pictures are supposed to go, and “NMP3s!” is where music is shared, and discussed.