Anyone go to the Something Awful forums?

I’ve been going to the Something Awful forums for a few months now. When they went down for a day, I found these forums. They are strikingly similar. The CE (current evenrs) board is my source for interesting stories and debates on them.

Just incase you don’t know what I’m talking about, Something Awful Website, forums.

So, anyone go there? If so, what’s your username? You can probably guess mine.

Um, trust me, this place is not similiar to SA…

BTW, have you heard of SAAN?

Well, the GBS isn’t really my place. I go to Current Events mostly. Some very smart people.

How would you know how SA is? Did you ever go?

Wait…you are comparing SA to Saan? Are you kidding?

Ugh, the Something Awful forums are horrible. Please don’t compare the Straight Dope to them.

Just curious, what don’t you like about them, and how do you know?

I guess I should amend my statement. I don’t like the way the SA forums were when I was on them. I have no idea how they are now.

As for then, they were full of trolls and posters with spelling that made Jeff K. look intelligent (yes, I know who Jeff K. really is). They were also filled with homophobic, misogynistic, and racist remarks.

It was quite rare to find an intelligent conversation going on anywhere.

It has changed A LOT! There are very little homophobes or racists. They are banned. And why are people afraid to be banned? It costs $10 to keep the trolls out. Everyone there is generally smart.

Because a lot of SA posters came to SAAN after the Huggy Wars.


Okay, is this some kind of a spam plug for the Something Awful forums? 'Cause it looks like they want $9.95 to register, even just to read the forums.

What I mean is, it’s annoying to have somebody come in here and say, “Hey, guys, there’s this really great forum!”, and then to find out that they want $9.95 up front just to let you read them. What’s the point of telling us about the forums, if we’re not going to be able to read them?

Unless you’re just drumming up business, is my point. :wink:

At various times Richard (the admin) will make a few forums public so you can see how cool they are. Usually it is Comedy Goldmine (the “hall of fame” threads), Current Events, and General Bullshit.

And yes, the $10 is a spam plug. It’s sad, but the guy has to pay bandwidth bills for a 50mbit dedicated line. That costs a pretty penny. Ads don’t work, so how else is he going to run the site?

He says he gets 110 gigs of datatransfer a day. I think this is possible because Something Awful members read the forums more than a reader reads an average forum. Most users read at least an hour a day.