You know who else stopped religious fundamentalists attacking women?


It seems the ultra-Orthodox Jews aren’t content to suckle on the government teat, and have been stepping up their bigoted douchebaggery. When the sane part of Israel rightfully called foul on this they decided to play the martyr card, dressing up as Holocaust victims.

What’s next, grab a shovel and go find Grandma?

I see you’re from Oz. By any chance do you know your countryman Hutton Gibson? He seems like your type of fellow. G’day, mate.

Er… you are aware that the title was referencing a relatively common SDMB joke, right?

It’s probably also safe to assume that Karl didn’t read the link in the OP.

Jesus, man. Don’t post unless you know what’s going on.

Jesus! He saved the woman who was about to be stoned.

That’s true, but if they gathered into mobs and started brandishing rocks people might get the wrong idea.

Their nutbags act like our nutbags. Is something else going on that I’ve missed?

They are all under the secret control of the nutbag Illuminati?

That’s the best explanation I’ve heard so far.

More yap from the “Zionism is racism” weirdos who are likely descended from Zionists? Personally, I’m in favor of letting them stay on the other side of the Green Line.


I’ve been getting progressively angrier over the past few months. I’m not the politically active type, but recent events have made me consider changing my ways.

Ok. What? Who is the ‘“Zionism is racism” weirdo’ here?

Click on the link. Look at the photo.

I clicked on the link. I looked at the photo. I then watched the video.

Did you?
The Haredim were not protesting Zionism. They were saying, in a hysterically hyperbolic way, that they’re being oppressed as a religious group like Jews were in Nazi Germany.

My mistake. I thought it was the same fringe group.

So these aren’t the same folk who also protest Zionism? The ones protesting here are still the fringes; it’s not representative of other Orthodox groups. They may not like secular Israelis much, but usually they’re just content to f with everyone’s marriages and citizenship.

My mother will drop dead when I finish typing this, but Israel is a real shithole these days.

Sure they’re the same people. To most Haredim, Zionism is a dirty word.

Dibs - band name!

Yeah, that. Thanks.

You mentioned the “Zionism is racism” weirdos.

The “Zionism is racism” weirdos oppose Zionism.
The Haredim oppose Zionism.

But it does not follow that the Haredim think Zionism is racism.
All A are C.
All B are C.
Does not imply that all A are B or all B are A.
From what I understand, they oppose Zionism not because of any alledged racism but because of religious reasons.

What could be done?

Withing a few decades, won’t Israel have about equal parts Arabs, Haredim and non-Haredi Jews? That’ll be interesting.