You know who else used trains? (ICE rant)

Still livid after all these hours.

The train comes to a stop in Havre, as it always does. This is number 7, so it stops short of the station because the fuel pumps are on the wrong end of the platform. We sit for about 10 minutes filling up, waiting for a chance to step off for a few minutes when it does get up to the platform.

And a bunch of guys in icy green uniforms walk through, asking each passenger, “Are you an American citizen?”

It should be noted that Havre is about twenty some miles from the 49th (which one of my map programs now shows as two lines, as much as a thousand feet apart), and ICE has carte blanche 100 miles in from the edges, where most Americans live. This is the area where Chief Joseph made his famous “I will fight no more, forever” speech.

But, seriously? Canada? What is this shit (I mean, besides The New “Normal”)? Amtrak is my refuge from strip searches and 3oz limits and stale peanuts. It is the laid-back way to travel, if you have the patience. Now the fuckers want to take even that away from me, because, reasons. Not only can we not have nice things, we are to be denied even so-so things.

After all, some crazed Canadians might hijack a train and, uh, something with it.

The worst part, though, the part that bothers me the most, is that I replied “yes”. I did not have the presence of mind to stare blankly at him, or say “seriously?”, or the courage to tell him “nothing personal, but fuck off” – which probably would not have been good for anyone, but goddamit, this bullshit has gone off the map.

It is past time to start pushing back.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand your story, or where you were, or who these ICE people are?

I think the correct response is “MAGA mutherfucker”.

The southern border is the one where the cages are. You’ll be fine.

Amtrak Train 7 is the westbound Empire Builder, which runs from Chicago to Seattle (i.e. not crossing the Canadian border at any point). Apparently while the train was stopped in Havre, Montana for refueling, agents of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) boarded the train to shake it down for illegal immigrants, even though Havre is a considerable distance from the border.

My sympathies. Anyone who drives north from McAllen, TX gets the same treatment. There are checkpoints on the two main roads leading north, and everyone gets a once over and, typically, vapid questions like “Are you an American citizen”. One of these days I’m probably going to answer, “Sure, and how about you?” and, like the OP, not do myself any good at all.

Thank you for the explanation. That sucks, big time. :frowning: Why are they doing that? :confused:

Because your current president is a complete moron?


A complete moron is our president because a disturbingly large number of Americans don’t understand the basic principles upon which their nation was established, and due to their anti-intellectualism they know so little about Western history and politics to make wise choices and push for sensible standards of government. A large number of us are ignorant, fearful, belligerent, petty fucks and that attitude encourages thugs to seek reins of power in any position from law enforcement to executive office.


He is indeed…but IMO a more accurate answer is “because fear.”

A brief primer on US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE):

Bad shit can happen at the Canadian border too.

These checks have been done at least since shortly after 9/11. Happened under GWB and Obama as well.

And that is just this message board. Now extrapolate to America as a whole.

“Who wants to know?”

don’t worry about it. You were caught off guard and said the first thing that came to mind. I would have done the same thing. Next time you’ll know what might be coming and will tell him to get fucked properly. Except without that “nothing personal” bullshit I hope.

No, they have not. I have been on the Empire Builder run back and forth each of the last 8 years. This is the first time I have seen this. They were not even doing it when I took number 8 across in July. There may have been some kind of low-profile walk through or passenger list scrutiny, but this is the first time they have spoken to me, much less everyone.

Hyuk! Hyuk! Hyuk! Gawl dang you shore is a funny guy! Lemme go fetch my aunt Mom, she has to hear that from you di-rectly!

Would these be ICE or CBP agents?


ICP agents

Plus, fuck ICE because it’s just too damn confusing that they’re called the same as German high speed trains (Intercity-Express), which I think you might even take to Le Havre, France, which made this thread needlessly confusing. For a short while there I thought France was checking for Americans crossing their border…