You know you like your new job when...

you’ll work three minutes past quitting time just to finish up something.

Three whole minutes? :dubious:

Seriously, I’ll work three minutes past in a job I don’t like, just because I feel obligated. And because I knock off three minutes early if I’m actually done, and this balances.

No way, as soon as it hits quittin’ time I’m outta here and not a second later.

If I’m on the phone at quittin’ time (call center) I don’t have a choice, I have to stay. This normally results in all kinds of gymnastics to avoid getting a last-minute call, but sometimes you just get a long-winded motherfucker and you can’t avoid it.

like today. le sigh

Three whole minutes? I regularly work 15-30 minutes past my scheduled quitting time if I have a customer, or a job that needs to be finished up, or if my relief gets swamped just as I’m walking out. Sometimes I get paid for the time, most times not…but my boss is very understanding about starting a few minutes late or taking a few extra minutes at lunch to even things out. But that’s the nature of a retail job that involves a lot of participation with the customer. I’m not about to leave and lose a good sale that I’m in the midst of.

I’ve never been able to wrap my brain around the offices around here that empty out exactly at five, and everyone hitting the sidewalk and the buses exactly at 5:05. Doesn’t anyone have to stop to use the bathroom? Most of the buses run a lot of runs right at that time, but if you get out at 5:30 or 7:30 like I do, you may have to wait another 25-60 minutes for a bus. And heaven forbid if the drawer doesn’t balance right, or you have a late customer and you miss that ONE bus…you may have to wait over an hour or make three transfers and then call someone for a ride! That’s why I am so glad I’m able to drive downtown AND my company pays for my parking in a secure lot.

I work with some people who get peeved when offices are closed for weather, holidays, or other circumstances. That is to say, their #1 complaint about the job is when they can’t come to work. I do enjoy my work immensely, but I still enjoy my home much more. Having said that, I won’t just cut out at the 8-hour mark if I’m not at a convenient stopping point – I’ll finish what I’m working on and cut out earlier tomorrow (as a contractor I’m required to bill my hours accurately, and my total weekly hours are capped barring special circumstances).

I can’t even comprehend noticing 3 minutes. Throughout my career I worked at least 50 and usually more like 60 hours per week. During proposal season, (August - September) 80 hour weeks were normal and expected.

Now that I have a daycare run to make, I leave my desk at the dot of 5:30, but I wouldn’t dream of going to bed at night without checking my e-mail to make sure nobody needed anything.

Ditto this and a few others.

I have also seen the phone ring AT five, when it is officially supposed to switch to auto-vm…

This, exactly. On Tuesday night, at 2 minutes before quitting time (11 PM) I had a customer call in.

Drunk. Very drunk.

For almost an hour I listened to him blather and slur, and at the end of the call, he decided not to change anything on his plan after all.

Then to top it all off, I had my manager over my shoulder and he scolds me because ‘he could tell I was aggrivated.’

Really? * REALLY?*

An hour after I was SUPPOSED to go home, talking to a drunken idiot who DIDN’T DO ANYTHING IN THE END?

Who, me? Aggrivated???

Hope you got paid overtime for those three minutes. If not, the union should be all over their ass.

Where I work, 20 hours per month of “casual overtime” is expected and unpaid.

If the workload doesn’t warrant it, you don’t have to do it. But if you’ve got a lot on your plate (and for at least 75% of the workers, that’s the case), you do what you have to do.

This three minutes over business is laughable…and enviable.

Laughable indeed. You must not have ever had a salaried position, OP.

I’d have just hung up. If it happens again, you can always just say you are having a slight system problem and you need to put him on hold, wait a couple of minutes, and then just disconnect the call. That way, if it gets followed up you can always just blame your phone/computer or whatever.

That is an absolute no no, and a firing offense. Remember, my manager was right there. That would have been considered ‘work avoidance’ and I would have at the very least been written up, and likely lost my job. Can’t afford to do that.

That was my thought. Work is over when the work is done in my group. Doesn’t matter if it’s 5:00 PM or 11:00 PM. I wish we got overtime pay or pay at all for the extra hours.