You know you're getting old when...

…you’re in the store and you see a new washer and dryer and think to yourself, “Man, I so want that! It even has a steam setting!”

… you have friends turning 30 (I’m 24) and think, “30’s not so bad.”

… you’re looking at what your insurance covers and get genuinely excited that they cover 80% of dental costs.

…you’re over 50 and you think to yourself, “30’s not so bad. Or even 40.”

When your oldest nephew posts on his Facebook page how bummed he is about turning 30 next year.

You start receiving invites to join AARP. Mind you, I was still in my twenties when this happened, but still…

Greg Giraldo had a good one:
You know you’re getting old when you fall down, no one laughs and random strangers come running over acting all concerned.

When you see people 20 years younger than you start to worry about getting old :smiley:

When your new assistant happens to mention how old her mother is, and it’s the same age as you.

When go into the hospital and there are all these kids roaming the halls; one comes into your room, you ask if he or she has seen any doctors out there, and some 18 year old insists he or she IS the doctor. What’s with that? Some kind of prank?

You know you’re getting old when those Sweet Young Things start holding the door open for*** you***.

When you can’t trust a fart.

Oh yes … I recently had surgery and if you saw the surgeon who did it walking down the street you’d swear he was a college sophomore.

When a friend’s son sees your car outside of a bar and stops in to say hi, and you are shocked when the bartender gets him a drink. :eek: Happened yesterday.

(I thought he was 18 or so. Turns out he’s 24. I was worried the bartender served him as a favor to me)

When the 19-year-old college intern acts shocked when you tell her that you’re 34, because she’s so young and inexperienced that she thinks everyone working in an office is her parents’ age. I’m 34, not 50! I’m not even twice your age! (Almost, but I’m not, dammit.)

When you see people 40 years younger than you worrying about getting old.

(Heck, my father’s still alive – he’s just 98 – so I can’t be that old!)

When you plan a trip and say, instead of taking my old junker, we’ll drive the new car, and you immediately realize the ‘new’ car is 8 years old. Didn’t we just pick it up at the dealership last summer?

You turn on the oldies station on the radio and hear something you think of as current. This happens to me with REM all the time.

I’m ashamed to admit that I indeed experienced that about two weeks ago. Good thing it was at home!

No, but you were twice her age 4 years ago!

Or your youngest sun is grousing about passing 30 and feeling old.

Oddly, it bothered me when I started having more than 4 pills to take a day. And the number’s gone up since then.

Two words: Back problems.

My grandma once told me that you know you’re old when your daughter has false teeth!