You last visited: 06-12-2005 at 04:58 PM

Stumbled across these forums again, guessed at my password, an lo and behold! It worked!

I used to hang around here a lot. I see some vaguely familiar screenames, too. It’s very good to see that the Millions still teem.

And I of course manage to post in the wrong forum. I imagine this should have been in MPSIMS.


I think you owe me money.

Welcome back.

You can Report your own post if you make that kind of mistake; click on the “I” in a red triangle in the upper right corner of the post.

Weren’t you the sonofabitch who reached up my wife’s shirt at the '04 Christmas party?

You got that right. We’re teeming our asses off, baby.

What, no? She reached up MINE.

I think I remember you.

So, was prison as bad as everyone says?

Make this a poll… that’s all the rage these days.

Why are all these people suddenly remembering their passwords and showing up after years of being away?

I sense a conspiracy is afoot…

Welcome back. I remember you!

(I’m the poster formerly known as Cazzle).

I remember you. Welcome back.

I check the profile. There’s a ‘Mandatory LiveJournal Link’. I laugh. “People still use LiveJournal?” I click on it. Last post, February 2006.


I did not know that! (TPFKA 1920s Style Death Ray.)