You, Me & Dupree - A public service announcement.

Please, dopers. Save your money.

This movie was bad. I went into it not expecting much, other than a few laughs. But this movie couldn’t deliver anything. If it weren’t for the beautiful Kate Hudson, I would have poked my eyes out with my soda straw.

The Village Voice has a pretty short and to the point review.

If only I would have read it.

You know, the thing that ticks me off the most is there is a pretty good cast and they blew it. Boring, predictable, and just plain dumb.

Not one person in the theater laughed once. And that’s impressive for a movie billed as a comedy.

Kate Hudson in a bathing suit and some sexy underwear was almost worth not shutting my eyes and passing out for 90 minutes. Almost.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you are welcome.

If you have… I’m sorry you suffered.

The commericals seems pretty accurate then. The only movie ads I’ve seen that made a movie look less funny were those for ‘Shindler’s List’.

I thought it was mildly amusing.

I give it six out of ten BMs.

Every time I’ve seen the trailer in the theatres, there have been vocally negative reactions from the audience.

Wow, did this thread sink like a stone!

I guess my PSA worked!

It looks like **friedo ** and I were the only two that saw it.

(I wonder if we were in the same theater?) :cool:

Steely Dan fans will enjoy this open letter. :smiley:

Saw the Steely Dan letter some days ago. Loved it. Will skip the movie however, no matter how luminescent Kate is. Thks for advice, CM.

I must turn in my doper badge as I saw it last night with miss who is soon to possibly become my new girlfriend; and we enjoyed it.

I laughed at quite a few parts because I see dupree in me.

When I left the theater I embrased my Emanuelness. I wonder how many kinds of smoke are in me.

I’m wasn’t a Steely Dan fan before, but I am now. That letter kicks ass.

(Ha, second thread I’ve responded to about a letter to a celebrity in the last 5 minutes.)

The thing that skeeved me out is that Kate Hudson is my age almost exactly (I’m two days older)… and Matt Dillon is 15 years OLDER than me…US. Gross.


That’s exactly what I came in here to post, friedo. Give me a freakin’ break! HAHAHAHA! Okay, I must admit that I hadn’t heard that song before… and it only came out in 2001 (that’s pretty recent, compared to Steely Dan’s heyday)… But to say you’ve never even heard of the band is just plain ridiculous. He (Wilson) was born in 1968, for God’s sake!

Me thinks the fool doth protest too much.

Did they get pissed off at the Will Ferrell movie “(My) Old School”?


Wow, wooshed by a celebrity. That doesn’t happen every day.

shrug Well, whether he was joking or not I have no idea. My perception of Owen Wilson, however, remains the same no matter what: that he’s a talentless hack whose movies deserve to die at the bottom of the DVD discount bin.

Didn’t you catch where he said he was busy and had to get back to his new movie, “Hey Nineteen”? He was kidding about having never heard of them.

By the way, what the hell does that song have to do with anything? The song is about some weirdo dev that wants to screw his younger cousin. Tell me that the whole “grammy winning song” thing is a joke- I actually got the heebie jeebies the first time I heard that song. WTF?

Bit like that Bear Shits In Woods thread I started the other day, huh?