You pick the Survivor Skill thingamabob.

AT the SDMB party, I was trying to stuff my new collapsible camp chair ( you know the ones, *everyone, who’s everyone, but MILO has one *) back into it’s handy dandy carrying bag and, well, it was a challenge.

I thought, instead of building campfires that snap a string that makes a flag raise as a retardo competition in Survivor, WE here at SDMB could come up with more realistic survival games.

My list:

  1. Road map folding.
    2)Eating one pringle.
  2. Stuffing a camp chair into it’s handy dandy carrying bag.
    4)Re-rolling a sleeping bag
    5)Cleaning out the car
    6)Translating what the drive-thru guy said.

Submit your enteries here.

NOt campy, but real life survivor:

–trying to get that damn stroller into an already full trunk

Being able to succesfully keep a running tally of who’s drunk and who’s just talking to the bartender.

Keeping a tally of what underage dopers drink and what overage (for lack of a better word) dopers don’t.

Being able to debunk ULs without going to Snopes.

[ul][li]Open a bag of beernuts with just your teeth.[/li][li]Pop a beer pop-top with a busted-off tab with just your teeth.[/li][li]Get the last pepperoni unstuck from the box lid with just your teeth.[/li][/ul]

Cramming the empty pizza box into the trash bag without ripping it. Now that is a real challenge.