You Rude Bitch You Ruined My Kid's Concert.

My son. He loves playing the flute. He really does. He made fucking THIRD CHAIR in the All-County Band. Gosh, we were proud of him.

Last night was his concert. There we sat. Proud. Eager. Awaiting lovely sounds. We do not get to HEAR lovely sounds.

We get to hear this FUCKING RUDE OBNOXIOUS BITCH BEHIND US, WHO DECIDES TO FILE ALL OF HER FINGERNAILS WHILE THE BAND PLAYS. Now, it is true that I have more than a touch of ADD, and this kind of thing is physically impossible for me to block out. Nevertheless, the friend of ours sitting next to me, kept looking at me in shock.

She did every nail. They must have been very chipped, and for some unfathomable reason, it just all came together in her mind, and she HAD to tend her personaly hygeine RIGHT THERE AT THE CONCERT.

Then, the band leaves the stage. Okay, it took a few moments to get them off, and to get the choral risers up onto the stage. Everyone was talking quietly in the audience, I can expect no less. The chorus takes the stage. ( Don’t worry, they gave it back :rolleyes: )

This…this…this…CREATURE…decides that only after the chorus has begun to sing, she needs to have a loud conversation with her mother, sitting next to her. Her mother must have applied her lipstick during the kind of thrill ride normally found at Six Flags Great Adventure, because it was QUITE the horrorshow.

We kept turning, and shushing them. They kept glaring at us. Now, keep in mind , roughly 95% of the audience is people WITH KIDS IN THIS CONCERT !!!. I’m not sure if you can even BUY a ticket unless you have a child participating. ( You might be able to, which is why I didn’t say 100% ). So, this FUCKING BITCH has a child UP THERE, and still behaved this way.

Then, there was her son. Vinnie Vocalizer. Vinnie chose this evening to have some of the most agressive arguments a 10 year old boy could have with a parent. He felt the need to “share” with all of us.

The kids sounded so beautiful, and while I did indeed try to enjoy what I was seeing and hearing, this woman really did ruin a lot of it.

You rude speck of canine feces. You ill-bred, no manners, socially inept, coarse, tasteless, insulting, SELFISH example of humanity. May you awaken tomorrow to find that your fingernails are all ingrown deeply, and that the wounds will never heal, and that your evil spawn son will pour Kosher salt into the wounds for all eternity.

That’s about it. :mad:


Not to excuse this woman’s rude behavior, but most likely, she didn’t want to be there, and so saw no need to be polite about it. Bitch.

What one children’s theatre group did was print their expected rules of conduct right on the ticket. In other words, if you were late, you weren’t seated until an appropriate part of the performance; if you were disruptive, you were asked to leave, and so forth. Since it was on the ticket, it wasn’t like anyone could claim they didn’t know this.

Which brings me to my question: Why didn’t you complain to an usher or someone about this woman’s behavior?


When one of our kids was in high school marching band, the competitions were held on Saturday afternoon in September and October. Our school entered contests in Iowa and South Dakota, as well as Nebraska.

Invariably, several parents from our school as well as those from any other Nebraska schools competing that day would bring radios and TVs in order to listen to or watch that week’s BIG GAME pitting the BIG RED against some powerhouse likeTroy State or some team that was good 20 years ago and isn’t worth shit now like Notre Dame(they no doubt were also recording the Big Rout on their VCRs). They would hoot and holler all through the kids’ performances.

People from Iowa, Minnesota, or South Dakota never brought outside entertainments to these contests. They realized that this was supposed to be all about the kids and their hard work at all those before-school and late-night practices, not about settling for your kids’ interests on Saturdays when your favorite team is away or you can’t get tickets to the home game.

My wife and I stopped sitting with the other band parents from our school over this issue. These clods were an embarassment.

It just amazes me how people can be THAT rude…

I’m awed. I truly am…

You should have turned around and peed on her. Or at the very least pulled her hair out of her scalp.

bella–who often wishes she had male “equipment” in situations like these

An excellent question, oh Ripe with Baby Doper :smiley: It was not such a fancypants thing. There were no ushers, a few parents gathered the tickets at the beginning, and then everyone was pretty much on their own.

There’s a line, between doing something that might be thought of as rude, and then stopping when getting a hint thrown your way- and BLATANTLY ignoring said hints and continuing the behaviors.

belladonna, um… two things. 1) Public urination would have not only lowered me WAY past someone filing their nails during a concert, and 2) It’s illegal.

Also, since when does the fact that you’ve got a short urethra stop you from pissing on someone, if you so desire ??? I keep linking to that web site that basically teaches the womanly art of urinating whilst standing. You ever get THAT mad, that’s what ya do.

Me, that’s not to my taste at all. YMMV.

sarcasm works for me. I probably would have asked her if she had
mistaken the concert for a nail salon.

Or, better “excuse me, ma’am, I’m partially deaf and I’d really like to hear my child play. Would you mind filing your nails somewhere else?”

Guess my only response would be:

Mmmmmm… Free- Range Rude! Mmmmmm!

Kudos to your kid on his hard work and accomplishment.


Sorry, I’m stuck on this sentence. Was this a concert at a school? You had to BUY a ticket? Or am I not reading that right?
(sorry, I’ve only had one cup of coffee)

Anyway, to echo what others have said, I would have asked her to stop. That kind of behavior is incredibly rude.
At my daughter’s Winter Choral Concert in January (public middle school), there was a line in the program that asked everyone to turn off cell phone and beepers or to set them on vibrate. Of course, you wouldn’t believe the number of cell phones that rang during the first song. Well, maybe you would. :rolleyes:
After the first song, the chorus director turned around and rather sarcastically said, “I’d like to take a moment to ask everyone to turn off the cell phones. The students have worked very hard and I’d like it if they could perform without interruption.” He was PISSED. He just stood there a moment, with his arms crossed, looking out at everyone. There was a lot of shuffling around, as people turned off the damned things.
What the hell is wrong with people?

I had to buy tickets to my step-daughters piano school recital this weekend. They get you everyway you can. And the number of rude family members was staggering. Not once was there silence while the children were playing, despite several requests from the director for the parents to be quiet. It was a disgusting display, which I commented quite loudly about once the concert was over (of course, I was the rude one for commenting, even though I was silent whenever anyone was talking or playing on stage).

My Perfect Child[sup]TM[/sup] sings in the Concert Chorus at her school - in fact, she’s been in one chorus or another since she was in the 2nd grade. The chorus director begins every performance by asking the audience to turn off their phones and beepers. Mostly it works.

The most outrageous thing I witnessed was at their Christmas Concert - a woman sat in the front row with her toddler, and she let him run free!! After the first song, the director went down and talked to the woman. She gathered up her rugrat and departed. I hope she was suitably embarrassed.

The only other behavior that drives me mad involves video-tapers who block the main aisle. The were legion in the days we used to go to ballet recitals.

Sorry your concert was spoiled, 'Toons, but congrats on your musical kid! One wonders how effective it would be if the kids stopped playing and just stared at the audience until it was quiet…

Sarcasm WOULD work for YOU, Miss Creant. But we are talking about an entirely lower form of humanity, on whom social constraints and verbal jousts have no effect. The only thing to have shut her up would be to turn around and quietly (but clearly) hiss, “If I hear ONE MORE SOUND out of you goddam ignorant hillbillies, I am following you out to your car and keying every inch of it. Now—SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP!”

Sometimes you just have to lower yourself to their level in order to be understood.

I’m sorry to have caused you to become severely ferschtummelled. Let me explain. This concert was the All County Orchestra, All County Band, and All County Chorus concert. It’s run by an organization of music teachers throughout the county. ( I highly suspect all counties in NY State do this, since the Wifestrocity teaches music in the neighboring county from where we live, and she belongs to THAT county’s Music Teacher’s Assocation).

IIRC, we did indeed pay a small fee for the tickets for myself, the Wifestrocity and the Fem-Bot daughter of mine. Since the fees go to the rental of the school auditorium, a VERY small fee for each conductor of the groups, and various administrative fees, I don’t have a problem with that at all. So yes, while it was in fact held at the honorable and hallowed Newburgh Free Academy, it was sponsored not by any one school but instead by the Orange County Music Educator’s Association. :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the cel phone issue. the Keynote Speaker before the concert did read the riot act. The shuffling and turning off ( or as we used to say on the film set, " Pagers Set To Stun Please ") happened before a single note was played. I must admit, it was a packed house, we stayed for the entire thing, and I didn’t hear a single beep or chirp.

The tactful request was made to escort crying babies out as soon as they became loud, so that all could enjoy, AND so that the artists on stage were not distracted.

This woman was way in the back, just behind me. As aggrivating as she and her mother and her snot-faced puling little whine-machine were, I know that they did not make any sound that the artists on stage heard. At least that part didn’t happen.

One side-note addressing what D_Odds said there. It’s a really dicey line. I find personally that paying for the Holiday and Spring Concert would REALLY burn my ass. It’s a part of the normal music program, I pay a fortune in school taxes. However, since I did 6 years of musicals in Jr. High and HS, I know personally that most if all musicals exist on a budget that is to a large degree raised through ticket sales the year before. Paying for a play or musical, even though it is run through the school, and directed by school teachers, is not a problem for me. YMMV.

Eve, if I were to invite this lout to a verbal joust, she’d never figure out how to mount her steed. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why we should all bow down and worship Eve with every fiber of our being.


You poor guy, I’m so sorry you had to go through this. At least you’re not related to the ignoramus.

I took my 81 year old grandmother, my brother in law’s mother and father, my mother and two people from Latvia to a concert on Friday night. It was a string orchestra, maybe 20 musicians.

I sat in the third row center, orchestra section. No one was in front of us; we could see the nose hairs of the violin player. My grandmother and brother in law’s mother sat directly behind me and they would NOT SHUT THE FUCK UP.

I had to turn around to tell them to be quiet several times. Then, as the audience applauded, they would start speaking loudly, as if the applause would drown out their converstation. It didn’t and I was extremely ashamed, especially because the musicians could hear their murmurs. I thought that applauding meant applauding the musicians, not “free time to talk”.

The final straw was when, during a very quiet harmonic solo, my grandmother grabbed my shoulder and pulled her mouth to my ear to tell me something. I jerked her hand off me and poked her in the eye with my finger. The bassist saw it and laughed. Later I told her that unless she is having a heart attack, to never do that again.

After the concert I chewed them out. Why is it that these supposed cultured adults don’t know how to behave at a concert? Why did I have to discipline them? Why did they have to ruin the experience for me and everyone around us?

I’m still furious.

Cartoonuniverse, for the sake of all audiences, please don’t be afraid to yell at someone in the future who acts like a complete ass.

P.S. I hope your son had fun!

You’re right, all the counties do this, and there’s also an All State chorus and band. I’m from Columbia County, south of Albany, and while I was in Chorus I never tried out for All-County, but I knew several people who were.

I’m having a hard time understanding how the sound of a nail file could be heard when a full band is playing.

I’m usually not under the gun to get my nails filed by a certain time unless I’ve got a huge masturbation session pending. Maybe she was similarly afflicted.

YOU PEOPLE ROCK!!! :slight_smile:

saxface:I jerked her hand off me and poked her in the eye with my finger. The bassist saw it and laughed. Later I told her that unless she is having a heart attack, to never do that again.

Oh man, that slayed me. I’m sorry YOU had to deal with that as well.

mouthbreather. We’re not talking The Who at Leeds for god’s sake. We’re talking about a large auditorium filled with people, a band up on stage of kids playing brass and woodwind, and a LARGE nail file only perhaps 2 feet from my ear. AND it wasn’t filing in time to the fucking music !!! Trust me. I knew when she started, I knew when she stopped.

lieu? :eek: :eek: :eek:

How YOU doin’? :smiley:

Even though Eve somewhat beat me to it, I’d have had to do the same thing I do in movie theaters, turn around, get my mouth as close to the offender’s ear as possible, and with all venom I can muster in a quiet voice (a lot, believe me) whisper something to the effect of: “You useless goddamn twatwhistle. Shut the fuck up and quit disrupting the performance or I’m to start farting out every single molecule of ass gas the seven layer dip I had for lunch has filled my bowels with. Do we have a truce?”