You say its posible to hear 22mhz without a radio

Well well well. Im not gona rant cuz the concept is the same only i can prove it how you ask ?I’m doing it right now yes i just found out i have this ability and made sence of the puzzle

Great! Could you post the answer in english?


The closest I could find is this:

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if you can get down to 15 meters, then i could transmit and you give me a RST.

otherwise do you get USB or FSK?

How long have you been hearing these sounds that nobody else can hear?

Are you sure you mean 22 mHz? Not 22 MHz or 22 kHz?

CQ CQ CQ… (phone, please; I could never get the hang of CW)

I’m going to go out on a limb here and presume that what the OP is asking is “Even if you could detect radio waves how could someone hear a frequency that is much higher than the range of human hearing?”. My w.a.g. would be some sort of heterodyning; if something (like fillings) was almost but not quite in resonance with the radio frequency you’d get a “beat” that could be within human hearing.