You shouldn't go into business with your friends

However, it’s kinda difficult when your friends see something akin to splitting the bill for lunch as a business transaction. Or maybe it’s just because I shouldn’t consider this guy my friend? The room setup here is such that there are a couple of bedrooms off to the side of a common room. My friends, South, Italy, and LatinMasters401k live in a two bedroom triple wherein the common room doubles as SouthMaster401k’s bedroom. Still, he spends most of his nights in his girlfriend’s room (that is to say, the ones where he even goes to bed).

LatinMaster401k, ChinaMaster401k, and I became friends with this girl over the summer, and she’s coming to New Haven with her roommates tonight for a concert at this club. They’re going to chill with us in LatinMaster401k’s room where we’re going to play card games that involve drinking. I delayed taking the 1500 mile trip back to my home town of Fargo so that we could do this. SouthMaster401k, however, was rather nervous that he wouldn’t be there to watch over his computer and audio system, despite it being the case that he can, without question, trust us to keep things under control. He agreed to let us use the common room of their suite. He left home for thanksgiving break Saturday. However, when LatinMaster401k came back from the Yale-Harvard game last night, he found a letter that was written in a style almost like legalese that pissed him and me off quite a bit. We decided to respond in kind.

I figure this should explain everything else. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Can I be TurkmenistanMaster401k?

You can use my fog machine.

Could you explain the CountryMaster401k naming system?

Don’t people freekin talk anymore?

[sub]If you feel the need to respond to this post, please contact my lawyer.[/sub]

I’m looking for my Leatherman. Has anybody seen it?