Well, I probably won't be talking with my friend for a while...

During a recent discussion with my friend, he was bemoaning the fact that he’s in deep credit card debt, stressed out at work, etc. I told him he ought to cut loose this weekend and relax. He was totally in the state of mind that any amount of fun requires money. The conversation drifted to the heart of the matter, his roomates. He has two roomates, one of which contributes very little financially and one which had been unemployed for a year.

I told him very bluntly that perhaps now would be a good time for him to explain that he cannot continue things with the way his roomates currently are, and that they need to find other places to live.

My friend was greatly offended by this remark, rebutting that it would be stupid to do that when both roomates are currently ‘getting back on their feet’. (Same thing that was said a YEAR ago). My reply was ‘tough love’. This thread isn’t complaining on how much of an idiot my friend is for letting it get this far, but rather the fact that I’ve stopped caring. The advice I gave him was in his best interest- he was the only one with the full-time job, it is his name on the apartment lease, if things got bad, he would stand to suffer the most. Since he is no longer willing to discuss it, I consider the matter closed and no longer have much sympathy over whatever shitstorm will eventually happen.

Well, it’s your choice. You can hold your ground and make your friend know your opinion and still be his friend.

If (or rather, when, since I’ve seen people in similar situations and it always ends badly) the shitstorm happens, you can tell him “I told you so,” or you can abandon him, or you can say, “Well, what do you need now?”

Just because y’all don’t agree on something doesn’t mean you’re not still friends.

What the fuck do you need him for? I’ts your life, find and associate with people you respect and like. Again, It’s YOUR life, and don’t let anybody mess with it.