You stole my shovel?

Okay, this is my first rant. But goddamnit, I have a head of steam. I spent the past two days shoveling out me and any neighbor who needed help. By my count it was around 4 other neighbors. I graciously lent my shovel to those who needed it when I wasn’t using it. I left my house this morning, and what did I discover? Some pustule ridden scab eating sack of day old vomit had STOLEN my good snow shovel! How did I know it was stolen? I checked the neighbors who I had lent it to, and they didn’t have it. Noone had it sitting on their doorstep either. Christ on a fucking stick, if you wanted to borrow it, JUST ASK. If you needed help shoveling, JUST ASK. But no, you absolute vermin. You had to STEAL it in the dead of night, like the slimy roadkill you are. I hope you have a heart attack while shoveling all the wet heavy snow you ignored in all your lazy fuckwadness, until you decided you needed a shovel. I hope your bones feel like the devils own xylophone from all the furtive shoveling you must’ve been doing in the dark of night. BRING BACK MY SHOVEL YOU SLEAZY TOILET LICKING PUKESTAIN!!!

Dude, he needs killin’.

A man’s shovel is sacred, yet often openly displayed. Mine sits open to all comers, next to my front steps. Has for 5 years now. Society has surely lost some of it’s luster if man crosses this unspoken glue that holds it all together.

I, as a shovelin man, heartily second jmpride62

Agreed. String 'em up. Some things are just NOT done.

You do NOT bounce back from that kind of bad karma.