You stupid bitch.

The white trash bitch with the “In Loving Memory of Dale Earnhardt” expensively stenciled on the back of the rusting Ford pickup who left her baby in the cab in the heat and humidity of Florida summer while you went inside to buy beer at Wal-Mart. The filthy whore that threatened to run me over when I stood, then parked behind your car.

Fuck you. I hope you fucking die a slow and painful death. I hope you die lonely and afraid and miserably. I will pray for that tonight.

Your child was crying its eyes out, was covered in sweat and tears, and you were buying some more Budweiser to go with what appeared to be an already copius buzz.

It’s not bad enough that the kid was left in such condition. When I pulled in next to your car I could SMELL the dirty diaper through a CLOSED window. It obviously didn’t occur to you to pick up some Pampers when you picked up the beer, I’m sure the welfare check could cover both.

To make matters worse, when the police arrived (yes I called them you god damned shitbag) you actually told them that you didn’t care that it was hot, walked over to the truck, and purposely locked the keys inside.

You foul, filthy, low-order little skank. You will never know the feeling of satisfaction I had when the police officer pushed your fugly face onto the hot hood of his car while handcuffing your worthless ass. I smiled when you hit your head getting into the car. I smiled again when another officer broke the window of your truck to open the door and retreive the baby, who was covered with rashes and bruises. I am laughing now, since I know your truck was towed to the uncovered city lot, and it’s pouring rain. You’re lucky I didn’t get a chance to take a shit in the drivers seat.

Yes you stupid bitch, I will be there to testify, even though I will probably have to take time off of my new job and drive 800+ miles to do so.

Look at me when you’re in court, and know this:

If I had my choice, I would have simply beat the shit out of you with a crowbar and left you for dead in a ditch. I would have made you scream for mercy until you died and shown you none. Be thankful I called the police instead.

I hate you. I so fucking hate you I can’t even write anything different right now. I hate that you’re on the earth. I hate that you’re breathing and being fed with my tax dollars. DIE you fucking BITCH.

Sorry to all of the other on the board. I am still enraged. Just had to do this before my head exploded.:mad:

Don’t be shy, welby, how do you really feel about her? [Good for you, by the way!]

Thank the Lord and Lady you were there to rescue that poor baby. With any luck Fat Bitch will get pelvic inflammatory disease and go sterile, and her baby will be put up for adoption. Do the police know if there were any other children at home while she went on her beer run?

Hey, I’ll pay for your gas when you come back to Florida to testify. You are a hero!

Juat adding my thanks to you for letting us avoid another dead toddler story that we’d have to agonize through. Good work.

Well done, welby1. If you need a place to stay when you come back to testify, I work at a hotel and can probably get you set up - just let me know.

**YOU…**you can be my wingman ANYTIME!

Good on ya, welby1. It’s never pleasant to hear about such idiocy in a parent, but it’s wonderful to hear that the outcome was positive, particularly in light of recent tragic events.

Well done!

Well done!

Good job, welby1. You’re my Hero for the Day. If you need anything at all when you come back to Florida, let me know.

welby1, you, sir, are a TRUE hero!

You rock.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, welby1, you did an awesome thing!

standing ovation


Great job- we should all be that couragous and DO SOMETHING when confronted with such a situation.

I think I loves me some welby.

What a fucking waste of skin that woman is. Hopefully they’ll take the baby away and give it a chance at a decent life away from such freaking abuse.

On behalf of everyone who doesn’t have to read another dead baby story, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.


welby, do you have to specially purchase pants and underwear that accomodate those incredibly large balls you have? Fuck man, you da man!

Keep us posted, m’kay? Would like to hear that the baby’s being cared for properly - by someone else


I second the sentiment – you’re my hero of the day! Good on ya, mate!

Good Job Welby!

You very likely saved the baby’s life. Hopefully CPS will take the baby and give it to someone who will take good care of him/her.

Well Done!

Ditto. You are an inspiration to us all!

Yaaaay! Yaaaaaaaay, Welby1!!
[gives welby1 big hug, shedding just a few tears on one strong, brave, responsible shoulder]

Thank you on behalf of the li’l pumpkin.

Waste of skin?! Zette, this woman is a waste of carbon and oxygen, much less skin. Stories like this only strengthen my conviction that when I run the world, there will be spay/neuter clinics in every high school in the country. People like this should be caught before they reproduce even once.

Welby, good work! You not only had the guts to call the police, you kept the walking shitstain from leaving before they got there. We’re all proud of you.

Great, wonderful, super, superb, courageous, upright, moral, right-thinking inspiration to us all, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Let us all know when you come back to Florida and where you will be, please. I know a lot of us would love to pat your back and shake your hand.

Good job on rescuing the kid, man. Just vent all that bile, so she won’t live rent-free in your head any longer.