You stupid computer, STOP BREAKING!

All right. I have a laptop computer. I’ve had it for less than a year, and for the first three months that I owned it, it went unused, as I wasn’t in college yet. Back in November–right before Christmas break as I recall–the fan stopped working. As a result, I couldn’t use my computer without it overheating. So I took it in to Best Buy, they sent it out to HP (it’s a Pavillion laptop). They determined that the problem was the A:\ drive (How, I don’t know, they just did; it had something to do with the wire coming loose or something), and they replaced that. Lo and behold, my fan worked.

Yay, I figure, the defective part of my computer has been replaced. Surely it will work well now.

And it did for four months or so. Then, yesterday (right after I finished my 9 page paper thankgodthankgod), guess what happens. No, really, guess.

Yep. The fucking fan stopped working again.

Now, last time, I was able to take my computer to Best Buy over break, and wait at home (using my home PCs) while it was being fixed. This time, I have no such luxury.

I need a computer in order to complete the 15-20 page paper due in the course. The lab computers, although reliable, are in the lab. I hate being in the lab because people keep on bothering me. Not to mention the fact that I no longer have access to my recent work, which is saved on my computer which will overheat and break even more if I turn it on. I have to take it to Best Buy to get it fixed, the nearest Best Buy is 15 miles away, and I don’t have a blasted car.

Not even to MENTION the fact that I just took it in for the EXACT SAME PROBLEM.

So I call up Best Buy and ask them if they give out loaners. This one doesn’t. They said that I could buy a computer and then return it when it got back. Right. A college student is going to be able to afford basically a five-hundred plus dollars worth of hardware (monitor, keyboard, hard drive. It doesn’t MATTER if I can return it; I don’t have the money. And my credit limit might not be high enough, because I just had to charge meal card money on it because, guess what, I ran out.

And nevermind that they say it can take up to three weeks for it to get fixed. And that I can’t get a replacement (permanent) until I’ve gotten it fixed four or more times. And that this thing is new and I’ve already taken it in for the same problem, and I can’t always get a computer in the lab.

Stupid stupid stupid. I’m getting a real computer this summer. I love my laptop most of the time, love the keyboard, love the size. But I can’t deal with the breaking. I can’t.


It’s not like I’m abusing it. I give it rests, I don’t leave it on all night, I don’t drop it, it never leaves my room, I clean it (gently), I don’t get food in it, I even keep the fan intake on the bottom clear and open.

This sucks.

Fuck fixing it. Evolve.

You need a cooling solution. You’re a student, which means you ain’t got shit for air conditioning. Unless of course I’m jealous.

Which means you have a fan.

Set your fan horizontally. Place your laptop on the fan. The c/w of the laptop case itself should be able to compensate for a lot of the heat you’re building up. If that doesn’t work, take out the battery pack while you’re plugged into the wall. If that doesn’t work, try immersing your laptop in a bathtub. No, I’m just kidding with that last suggestion, unless you bathe in liquid nitrogen.

Oh, yeah, and tell Best Buy that they can fuck Hitler’s bastard child with a goat’s cock grafted to Dahmer’s decaying skullcase. Keep the spirit of insult alive!

My mom just UPS’d my broke ass a fan (the fan I used last time broke. Everything seems to break around me) and forty dollars (first money I’ve seen since December). So I think I’m good. Assuming the package gets here, that is. . .

. . .bloody hell, though, it’s not like I’ve had this computer for a very long time. It’s less than a year old, and it’s had the same problem twice.

Meh, this is bullshit.