You want a piece of me?!

No, I didn’t think so, punk.

Hey everybody. I’m back on the boards and couldn’t think of a thread.
But still, you know you ain’t wanna mess with me, beeotch.

Glad to have ya back. I missed reading your posts.

Are you going to open up a can of whup-ass? Or do you like to cook up some fresh whup-ass in the oven instead?

You want a puppy?!

Bring it on!!!

and welcome back

It will look great on the mantle next to the moose antlers.

Don’t make me take your ass to the parking lot, punk!

You don’t wanna go there!
Welcome back. :wink:


Can I pick which piece?

I dont want a piece I want the whole damn thing! Whammo repeatedly punches his palm

Shame on you, TroubleAgain. I know which piece you’re thinking of. And that particular piece is pledged to someone else. That’s right. You can’t have my spleen because it’s going up on Spiritus Mundi’s mantle. I’m sorry.
Demo, the parking lot? That’s where the little Catholic schoolgirls fight. Be a man, and meet me in the alley behind the strip joint.
Silly Rabbit…um, OK.
Tiki, thanks. I missed you missing my posts.
Anybody else want some? What about you, Coldfire? You wanna raise up, ya ganja-smokin’ piece of Eurotrash? Ask my dates, I ain’t afraid to go dutch, baby. I sense the fear of all those who’ve viewed this thread and haven’t posted. You’re the smart ones. ‘Cause I be schholin’ some of you fools if you don’t step off. Yeeeah, boyee.

You gonna sit there and chirp all day little birdy, or are you gonna peck?

Glad you are back, kicking ass and taking names.

I’ll meet you in the parking lot after school, punk.

Yeah, yeah, I meant “schoolin’”, not “schholin’”. Shut up! You know what I meant! Don’t make me more angry!

Oh, and I probably should have capitalized “Dutch”, so the pun would be more obvious. But it don’t matter. I’m a bad mofo, and it’s my world.


You run off for a month and then come back with an open challenge?
Yo. I know me some shaloin stylo kung fu and I got a butterfly knife. I got a black trenchcoat and I wear BK hightops. I’ve got hair on my chest. I look good without a shirt. [sub]apologies to Tom Waits[/sub]

You don’t want NONE of this.
Oh yeah, Welcome back.

So strong are my skills that when I just spelled “Shaolin” wrong, I busted out my Wu Tang Sword and chopped my keyboard in half.

Run for your life.

Make your time, 'bird!

Ummmm… was that directed at me? If so BRING IT ON!!! :smiley:

mouthbreather, you think you scare me with that Shaolin mumbo-jumbo? I eat Shaolin warriors for breakfast. Had one today, with my Cocoa Puffs. Tasted like chicken.
bdgr, are you calling me a pecker? Ooooh, you done it now, meng. Nobody but my mama call me no pecker. You’d bessa not have your hometown listed in your profile, ‘cause I’ll use my Jedi powers to track you down and then pull some Matrix high kicks on yo’ raggedy ol’ spine. I’ll beat you down 'til I can say “Who’s your daddy?” and you’ll just whimper back, “You, Mr. Birdybird, sir. I am but your humble ho.” Study on that a minute, Tonto. Yeah, that’s what I thought.

You left?


How long was I out?