You'd Think They Only Ever Had But ONE Photograph Taken

judging by the way some celebs, past and present, are only ever represented in the media but by a single iconic photo.

I mean, really…

–Che Guevara surely had more expressions than that one intense gaze in the famous beret-wearing photo snapped in 1960.

–Jay Sebring was surely photographed more than that time he stared suavely into the camera with his glistening dark hair perfectly coiffed (it damn well better be perfectly coiffed).

–Did Jim Morrison ever put his shirt back on and take that bead necklace off?

–And Robert Johnson, did… oh, okay, never mind…

See what I mean?

Sir Rhosis

To be fair, Morrison has about three oft-used photos. One with a greenish type sweater/turtleneck on, holding a mike, mouth slightly open, dazed, and the bearded poet photo taken at Bronson Caves.

Sir Rhosis

George Washington from Gilbert Stuart’s painting.

Albert Einstein sticking out his tongue. There are many more (Einstein once listed his occupation as “photographer’s model”), but that’s by far the best known.

There’s at least one other photo of Watson and Crick floating around, but all you ever see is them pointing at their little DNA model.

Heh I was gonna say Watson and Crick, especially since I heard James Watson speak today. Crotchety old guy, but funny…

I’ll add Gandhi. I’ve seen some photos of him IIRC in New York and it is just so bizarre to see other pictures besides the few iconic ones.

In college, I was once wearing a t-shirt with this picture on it while visiting one of my physics professors at his office. The physics department secretary, a fifty-something woman, told me that she was from Ulm–Einstein’s birthplace–and that they have a statue of Einstein there in the famous sticking-tongue-out pose. She also told me that she had always hated that picture because it made him seem undignified, and she hated that her hometown had erected a statue of it.

I still like it.

Maybe I’m being whooshed, but there are only two or three known photographs of Johnson. :wink:

Marilyn Monroe with her skirt blowing up.

Sid Vicious with the mustard smeared on his face. A figure more notorious for his image than his (limited) musical output.

Yes, I was joking about Robert Johnson.

Sir Rhosis

Nick Nolte, of course!

I always figured that Einstein was a guy who knew the inherent limits of dignity. In high school I had a great sepia-tone poster of him trying to ride a bicycle. Here’s a sort of version

And it looks as though Michael Jackson is heading in that direction.

For some reason, the first thing to pop into my head when I read the thread title was David Gest and Liza Minnelli – found this page when I googled it.


The picture of Einstein sticking his tongue out is real? I’d never seen it before I got online and only see it as an avatar at various messageboards, so thought it was a photo manipulation until now. Huh. Learn something new every day.

The first thing that crossed my mind was this picture of Winston Churchill.

There’s at least one other picture, from a war poster, that is equally as famous. When I get home I’ll post a link.