You'll never eat a kiwi again

After you see these photoshopped pictures, that is.

It was a photoshop contest to merge plants and animals, and they are very well done. I wish I had anywhere near the skills of these people. My photo editing skills consist of cutting and pasting (horribly,) and the occaisional filter.

The lemon bird is very cool–the banana snake, not so much. I may never eat another banana. I always thought bananas were kinda scary.

Never mind the kiwi and banana, I’ll never open another walnut!

Awww. The puffy dandelion chicks were cute!

I noticed that further down the page, the quality really drops off. There’s one that is basicalyl a watermolne with an elephant’s legs and head curand pasted on. That’s almnost down to the levle I can do! But the mouse-kiwi, orange frog, and several of the others at the top are all very good.

I find it deeply disturbing.

I stopped looking.

Am I the only one who’s started to look at the other contests? Some of these are some pretty amazing pictures. I’m looking at cybernetic animals right now. It’s enough to make me really want to move beyond my very basic level of photoshop skills.

I am I the only one who took the title for a totally different meaning?

No, no, you’re not. My first thought was, “I haven’t even met many Kiwis, let alone…” :smiley: