Fancy another photoshop thread?

The photoshoppery in the floating barn thread seemed to go down well - how about we have another round.

I propose the image on this page as a starting point.
(image mirrored here in case it disappears from that site)

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I’m already somewhat disturbed this.

This one’s running on full power.

I haven’t started work on the image myself yet, but I might be able to post something later.

Lets say for this thread that there is no necessity to make it a ‘tennis’-style photoshop thing - so there’s no need to base contributions on the last one someone else posted (although this is OK, if you want to )

Hmmm… harder than I thought.

Something smells fishy

Not very good, but here goes nothin’.

I can’t view that without thinking a Candiru has tried to swim up Kermit’s urethra, and got stuck.

Lizardfishfrog needs water

Froggy Farts.

Did somebody ask for water?

I’m going to call UL. These photos are obviously photoshopped.

Let me guess… artefacts?

Took me five minutes, and it looks exactly like I spent five minutes on it, but, well, somebody had to do it.

Oi! Get outta me couch!

Give it up, John, she’s just not interested

What every guy is thinking

I am tired of the disguises!

high five

Then escape!