Photoshop thread. Theme: SDMB memes

Here we go - another photoshop thread - this time, there’s no starting photo, but a theme instead; the theme is SDMB memes, standing jokes, board culture and imfamous moments in board history.

From the SDMB Tech Vault:




What a great idea for a thread!

Let me just pull up one of these.

Wait for me!

Hmm. Still the first page of this thread. Possibly a bit early for this.

Now all we need is an image of lissener going apoplectic that this place is turning into Fark. Possibly with some lolcattery image macros added, like “I CAN HAZ SNOBBERY?” or “OH HAI, I’M DENIGRATING YUR INTELLIGENCE.”

/He really is that predictable.
//A meme unto himself.

I was here once. For 20 minutes.

I Burning Your Dog

Sequential Threads

Brilliant thread idea!

Did someone mention Rio by Duran Duran

Personal attacks are not appropriate for MPSIMS, Derleth. Please do not do this again.

Excellent work.

Our wildest poster returns.



Not directed at anyone here. Yet.