Anyone want to try to photoshop something for me?

I’ve got an assignment from some friends to send halloween pictures of my animals. I refuse to dress them up, so I’m seeking other methods. I got a great “demon-eye” shot of one dog, but I thought that putting some fangs on this shot would be fun. Problem is, I’m a photoshop flunk out.

Anybody wanna have a go at it? (Her name is Gavi, BTW, and she is sweet until she knows you well… then, beware your nose!)

Not my best, but I whipped this for ya. Hope it works.

You are wonderful! Thank you!

my pleasure

Uh oh…I see one of “those” Photoshop threads starting…this time with a Halloween theme!

Demon Puppies must have a fitting master.


If you knew how much the idea of a child holding my dog would freak the girl out…

Keep 'em coming! I always wanted to participate - I guess volunteering up my pooch is the best way!

I’m lookin’ for the man who shot my paw!