I did something with my dog that I thought I'd never, ever, ever do.

I dressed him up in a Halloween costume.

We tried it on last night to see how it would work. He’ll be mad that I showed these to you:
First, Second, Third. And one that I photoshopped.

So, who else engages in this sad, sad practice? Have pictures to share?

My mom says my girlfriend and I need to (get married of course and) have a real kid.

The implications of the thread title almost scared me.
What a cutie pooch.

I would never EVER do that to my dogs! :o But he looks really cute and gave me four good laughs. Thanks, Troub! :smiley:

The Outsiders? I was thinking more Happy Days. :smiley:

BTW – my cat would never permit such indignities.

I laughed I cried I snorted.

Best canine costume I’ve ever seen, well, I haven’t seen many. Too cool!

Bob Uecker!

Funny that. A Korean chef said the exact same thing to me just the other day.

That was hilarious.
I wouldn’t try that with my dog, cause he’d chew it off and into pieces in no time.

Normally I’d think putting clothes on a dog quite the abuse.

But it suits him, I couldn’t believe it!

He didn’t mind, I assume?

That is creepy, creepy, creepy. I like it.

I LOVE it. Wal-Mart has princess costumes for dogs, and I’m getting one for my gay Shar-Pei. Pictures to follow, I promise.

I wanted to get one for Bobby Ranger, but somehow missed the boat. Those are really cute pictures even if the little hands are just a tad disturbing when you see them as the picture is loading.

He looks great. It’s kinda fun to embarass 'em once in a while, isn’t it?

We put scarves and kerchiefs on our Rott. She’s worn birthday & New Years Eve hats, and she has her own elf hat for Xmas. She loves the attention and gets all goofy. It’s hilarious.

Your guy’s a Weimaraner, is he? In the third shot, he reminds me a little of Vlad Putin. :slight_smile:

God forgive me, I nearly laughed my ass off at that!
Hysterical :smiley:

Thanks guys :smiley: Yeah, he’s a Weimaraner, and so far he looks like either Bob Uecker or Vladimir Putin. Hmmm.

No, he didn’t really mind. He did want to play with the arms and the wallet chain, but other than that he was ok with it.

There is a little “leather” cap that goes with the outfit, too, but I decided I wouldn’t push my luck any further. I think it would make him look like one of the Village People anyway.

You are a horrible, horrible person.

Just kidding… that should only be ONE horrible :wink:

The first and third pictures are the stuff of nightmares.

Did anyone notice how close this thread was to What’s with all the bestiality spam? Made me pause a little, that’s for sure!

Wondering what Jay Leno would think if I sent this thread to him.

OK, confess. Who else, upon seeing the thread title, thought oldscratch had requested a name change and someone had bumped yet another old thread?