Rottweiler owners- you don't have to worry about scaring people any more!

Because now you can simply disguise him as a poodle!


Not cool, dude. Not cool.


Ha! I saw that on Cute Overload.

Hehehe, the poor dogs is exuding embarrassment! :smiley:

I’m wondering, I own a pug/pekinese mix…

can they make her look like a rottweiler?

Dammit, if I were a dog and my owner dressed me up in this get up, I’d mawl the shit out of everyone who saw me in it.

I had a girlfriend once that was pretty flat.

Never mind.
::: Slinks out of thread:::

Wrong thread!
Damned tabeed browsing.

Anyway, yes the dog is about to die of embarssment. I think this is why dogs attack their masters.