Extra Terrific Photo of a Most Extra Terrific Dog

Ruby Tuesday, possibly the most photogenic dog I have ever known.

She’s our doggy in-law, sort of. Belongs to the daughter’s boyfriend, but she spends weekends with us usually. Has every bit of personality you see in her face. A really fun, and funny, dog.

Holy damn! What a great mug!

As my namesake, I’ll have to agree that she’s beautiful! :slight_smile:

Who could hang a name on you?

The poster child of derp! Goofy dogs are the best. :smiley:

What an engaging and contagious smile! Who’s a good girl? Who’s a good girl? It’s you, isn’t it? Yes, it is!

What great pearly whites she has!


Here’s a test: ask someone you just met to look at this picture. Check to see if it makes them smile. If it doesn’t, well, this person is not ever going to be your friend.

Why does this site only have a rule about kitty threads ? :slight_smile:
Not fair for you canine types.

Me, I’m a pussy-person. But if I ever gotta make myself love a dog, it’s gonna be yours.Nice pic!

Seldom I can say, “You’re a beautiful bitch!” and not be an insult.

I’ll bet all the male (and bi-curious) dogs at the local dog park want to sniff that butt!

Nice-looking dog? What breed is she?

The orange cat is cute too.

I compared that photo against thischeat-sheet of dog body language. Yep, that’s a broad happy dog smile allright.

Who’s a happy puppers? Who? Who?

What a great smile!

What a great smile! I want to hug her.

OMG! The Joker has a dog!

Looks like a very happy and lovable dog.

The cat’s cute, too.

What a good girl! Thanks for sharing.


I clicked the link expecting to discount this photogenic claim and roll my eyes a bit (hey I’m a cynic) and then I found myself smiling ALMOST as big as Ruby herself.