I don't get some of today's Cracked.com photoshop contest

Subject is “28 Typos that would have changed everything”

#19 is obviously from a movie, but what movie and what is the significance of the leg?

#18 The lolipopper? Rippler? Licker?

#13 The Wizard of…gecko? Geico?

#2 That’s supposed to be the Hindenberg right?

Oops, forgot the link


#18 is meant to be “The Diddler.”

#19 would be “Mr. Robinson.” (Meh.)

Lizard of Oz.

#19 is from The Graduate. The leg is a woman’s leg in the actual shot. Not sure what the typo is supposed to be. Maybe instead of “Mrs. Robinson” (the person whose leg it is in the film) it’s “Mr. Robinson”?

#12 is the LIZard of Oz…

I get them; I just don’t get that they’re so very clever.

#4 is what happened when Doc Brown sent Beavis and Butthead back in time to make sure their parents meet and fall in love. <shudder>

The problem I have with the Diddler is that it doesn’t seem like the villain had anything to do with anything. If he’s going to be the Diddler, he needs to do some diddling, not just stand outside of a kiddy pool bone dry.

#18 really confused me as well, I was thinking it might be something to do with the Blair Witch Project because of all the dolls hanging from the trees. I thought ‘Connect Flour’ should have won.

I still don’t get #3.

It’s an erection seat innit? Her her her.

Cracked Photoshop contests aren’t Worth1000 (or even b3ta,) that’s for sure. To “get” them, just imagine you’re thirteen and have been huffing paint for kicks.

Ahh, I couldn’t tell what the blurred-out part was supposed to be. Thanks.

I don’t even think that is enough to explain not understanding the word sarcasm.

Ah, thanks. I couldn’t figure out how they’s misspelled cockpit.

I thought HERPES was pretty damn clever.

Most of them were pretty unfunny, but for some reason I’m still giggling at the picture for “Stanley Kubrick’s Liotta”.

Oh, and “Unseasoned French Beard Crumbs” almost made me puke.

This one’s not so bad. That poster is so iconic that I knew what it was just from the description in the OP.