Young Frankenstein and red wine.....

Tonight, I am drinking a nice Italian red Nero d’avola and watching Young Frankenstein. I just got to the scene with Gene Hackman as the blind monk. Possibly the funniest five minutes in movie history…

I am drinking bourbon and soda and listening to a very lovely orchestral piece, Dream in White on White, composed by John Luther Adams and performed by the Cabrillo Festival Orchestra under the baton of Joann Falletta.

I’m drinking a White Claw and watching crafting videos on YouTube.

Well, you are Hard Core.

Flip over to the “Looking for new ideas for pork shoulder” thread, will ya? I just called you out over pernil.

I’m drinking ice tea and watching the wheel go around at the straight dope

Im drinking a bit of Modelo and Fireball and listening to Cuban music and wishing I was in the Caribbean.

I’m drinking my nasty protein drink and the TV’s on CNN, muted. I just love seeing mouths move and no words come out.

Music in my headphones. Merle Haggard.

Reading the Dope.

Some Ovaltine, perhaps.

“Yes! Yes! Say it. He vas my…BOYFRIEND!”

One of my favorite comedies. :slight_smile:

Doping with a Jim Beam devil’s cut Old Fashioned. Extra Angostura and agave syrup.

Simplistic here: Bulliett with a splash of water while watching Catherine O’Hara rock “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”

Drinking some red blend here while watching an Air Devils advertisement from 197?