Young videographer needs help...

Alright, I’ve just graduated with a BA in Communications, emphasis in Journalism (because that’s the only way the program goes). Now that I’m done, I’m looking for work. Any work. I need to get my foot in the door.
What I need to find is an email list or a directory where I can sign up for shoots in the Nashville, TN area. I am so ready to bust my ass right now it’s scary. I absolutely have to prove to myself that my education was a complete effin’ waste.
So, can anyone point a 'ute like me in the right direction?

Is the school you graduated from in or near Nashville? If so, I’d start there - with your professors.

If not, ask your former professors anyway. They might know of national lists or have colleagues in NV that they can point you towards.

Perhaps…my teachers were kind of a bunch of toolbags. I did not realize this until my senior year. But a good suggestion none the less.

Meeting videographers… hmmm…

Got any film co-ops in your area? I joined this film co-op, LIFT, in Toronto a few months ago. You volunteer to help run the place, and you can take courses of film, editing, production, etc. I’m interested in screenwriting, and LIFT has a screenwriting group that meets every month to create and discuss screenplays.

Another thought… is there a long-established good camera store like this one in your area? Does it cater to digital video people? That might also be a good place to look on a noticeboard or ask someone.