Your ass tastes foxy

otherwise known as Walmart is recalling donkey meat following tests that showed that the product had been tainted with fox meat. :eek:

Ummmm, wouldn’t the tainting be an improvement??? Not that I would be an authority, never having had either (to my knowledge).

Oh,China. I was wondering where anyone would sell donkey meat. Or fox meat.

From the linked article.

i would think they’re used to it.

Frankly, I’m not buying this story…it has “hoax” written all over it.
In the first place, do you realize how little meat there is on a fox? Picture a scrawny dog-maybe 20 lb. max.
It would not be worth the effort.

The fox carcasses likely came from a fur farm, ralph124c, and then got … ah … mixed in with the other meat.

I’m pretty sure this thread has the best title ever.

Alternative thread title: You got your fox in my ass!

Donnkey and horse taste like a sweeter and very lean grass fed beef. Fox is gamey, sort of how lamb is mild and mutton is stronger tasting, or venison is stronger tasting than beef - typically the meat from carnivores is going to be gamey tasting.

What they were doing was taking and layering the fox meat from foxes grown for fur with cheap fat to make it look like stripey well marbled lamb or donkey meat. It appeared that the way to actually tell the difference visibly was that the fox fake meat was stripes of either meat or fat, sort of like bacon while real donkey had little veins of fat in the meat as well as the big stripes of fat. Let me hit google for pictures.

This is the good meat, see the veining and stripes of fat?

Here is the buzzfeed article with an excellent explanation and great illustrations.

I would have no problem eating fox as long as I knew it was fox, but if I am buying donkey or lamb, that is what I want to be eating.

What does the fox-mislabeled-as-donkey say?

The more pressing question is, how does the fox taste?

All the storied we’ve heard in the last few years about adulterated products from China (poison milk, dog food, toothpaste, … ) sound eerily similar to American stories from about a century ago, of “The Jungle” type. China’s just following in our footsteps, about a hundred years behind.

So we should be expecting them to be declaring war on The Spanish Empire at some point, after a Chinese ship mysteriously explodes in Havana’s harbour?

When I opened this thread, I thought this would be about something totally different. LOL. :D:D;)

“Go back to your Vegas whore. We’re Done” ?