Your best Christmas cookie recipes

Share some Christmas favorites! I’m going to be baking up a storm and need some non-boring ideas.

I tried these for the first time this year. Very nice flavor combination, but when the recipe says to drop on a cookie sheet by teaspoonfuls, it really means a measuring spoon, NOT a teaspoon like you stir your coffee with. I ended up with a sheet instead of individual cookies, as they spread very thin in the oven. They were also more chewy than crispy, but probably just needed another minute in the oven. I’d make them again.

Take the basic Toll House cookie recipe, add either mint or peppermint flavoring, add green food coloring. Do not bake to complete brownness or the brown will hide the green.

I need this thread.
So far the only batch I’ve made this year has the texture of sand. They looked like cookies. They smelled delicious when they were baking. But somehow, eating them is like taking a bite into a sugar coated flavorless sand castle. (Or what I imagine that would be like. I don’t eat sand castles).