Favorite Cookie?

I plan on baking a bunch of cookies tonight for Thanksgiving over at my folks. (My dad always says we don’t need to bring anything, but when I mention I was going to bring cookies, that’s okay :smiley: )

I love the Nestle Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies, and they’ve come out with Pumpkin Spice chips that make into a good cookie (you mix in pumpkin puree) but I also have a weakness for soft gingersnap molasses cookies. Nestle also has Delightfulls and Ivylad loves the cherry filled morsels, although the bag is smaller compared to the regular chocolate chips.

Shortbread is okay, but it’s not my cookie of choice. I’m also take-it-or-leave-it with peanut butter cookies.

Three-ingredient peanut butter cookies:

1 cup peanut butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg

Mix thoroughly till fully blended. Scoop onto cookie sheet, spreading with a fork. Bake at 350 for 8-10 minutes.

I’ve been known to add chocolate or butterscotch chips as a fourth ingredient. I think I raised my cholesterol 40 points on these a few Christmas seasons ago.

  1. Snickerdoodles
  2. Chocolate chip
  3. Hermits (molasses cookies)


I love homemade toll-house cookies. With nuts, as God intended.

For store-bought cookies, I’ll go with doublestuff Oreos - but the Taffy cookies by Mother’s Bakery are realllllllly good when I’m in the mood for 'em.

Sugar cookies are meh.

The snickerdoodle is the finest cookie.

Followed closely by the peanut butter cookie and the Peppridge Farms Tahoe cookie,

Freihofer’s Chocolate Chip. The ultimate perfection of the form.

Chocolate chip
Peanut butter

I’m in the middle of baking these right now.

When I was a child, spritz cookies for the holidays were so special. Sort of sad in a way that I don’t have the same sweet tooth anymore.

The pumpkin spice morsel recipe includes molasses, so I get my gingersnaps without having to make three batches!

I like everything that’s been mentioned thus far, but my aunt and grandmother used to make an equivalent to Danish Wedding Cookies with the powdered sugar coating that were hard to leave alone. Now and then somebody will include them in a choice and that’s all I’ll want to eat.

Pecan Sandies are also a favorite.

I make oatmeal cookies with walnuts and dried fruits (raisins, apricots, whatever), cinnamon, etc. They’re large diameter, crunchy on the edges, chewy in the middle, and have been praised far and wide.

  1. Toll House cookies
  2. Oatmeal scotchies
  3. Colorful Cookies with Jello glaze OR macarons…I like pretty cookies! :slight_smile:


Call me a Philistine, but I LOVE Oreos.


Glad to see so many snickerdoodle lovers! That’s mine, too. Look up Mrs. Sigg’s snickerdoodle recipe for the perfect version of the cookie.

My favorite cookie is pretty much whichever one I am currently eating.

However, my nephews are nuts for gingerbread so I bake a lot of that around the holidays.

Skinny Cow makes a snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich, around 150 calories. It’s a limited edition, so it’s not always around.

*Nestlé Tollhouse (us Americans just butcher the French language)

*Pecan Butter Balls (Flour, sugar, salt, vanilla, pecans and a boat load of butter)

*Spice Cookies (the usual stuff plus molasses, cloves, cinnamon and ginger. My aunt always made these and when Mom got the recipe from her, they never quite came out the same.)

Snickerdoodle ice cream sandwich.