What's your favorite cookie?

Mine is Pepperidge Farms Orange Milano.

The one that logs me into the SDMB. :slight_smile:

Or Blondie and Dagwood’s daughter.
Not what you meant? Oh. In that case, I’m partial to Pepperidge Farms Nantucket cookies.

Homemade chocolate chip with walnuts.

Storebought: Pepperidge Farms Brussels cookies.

You’re both picking such high-class cookies, I’m feeling a little white trash right now.

By far, my favorite is Oreo Double Stuf. Can’t get enough of that greasy, shortening filling. Mmmm.

[homer]Mmmm…Oreos…mmmm…Double Stuf[/homer]

It’s a toss-up (so to speak) :smiley:

Either Oatmeal Raisin (the really soft chewy ones they give us at the blood bank after being strapped down for two hours) or Savannahs (the peanut butter cookies the Girl Scouts sell that go great with cold milk and will not stay in the freezer no matter how much duct tape I use on the door).

I have a weakness for white chocolate macadamia cookies. A close second are Samoas (the Girl Scout cookie).

Just when I’m working out, trying to lose a few pounds from the holidays, the wife goes and buys from the Girl Scout cookie pusher in her office:

  1. A box of White Chocolate Macadamia
  2. A box of Samoas
  3. Hi Opal!

(wimper) How am I supposed to resist that? I’m just a man.

My homemade, oatmeal-pecan-chocolate chip-raisin cookies. We call 'em “the Works”. Store-bought would be Chips Ahoy.

For the Home Made kind it has to be Chocolate Chip (Toll House) cookies (I swear darling, there were right there on the plate a minute ago!).

For store bought I agree with Scout1222, it has got to be Oreo’s, any kind. I especially liked the green “Grinch” ones that they had out, and the Christmas Colored ones.

Tim Tams Tim Tams Tim Tams Tim Tams

I especially like the dark chocolate ones.

Of course, I can’t get them here in the states, so my favorite cookie I can get on a regular basis would be Pepperidge Farms (plain) Milano or Chips Ahoy with lots and lots of cold milk.

MMMM, now I want a cookie!
(of course a co-worker is being sent to our Australian office soon, and has promised to bring me back a whole bunch of Tim Tams!)

Mmm…so many yummy cookies, so little time…

I would have to go with almond macaroons. I am a bitter almond and marzipan freak.

Good merengues with whipped cream are delicious, too. As are homemade chocolate-chip cookies (or anything with good chocolate, for that matter) and double-stuff Oreos. (I think I still have a thing for Oreos because I wasn’t allowed to have them as a kid. They had non-kosher ingredients. (Now they use partially hydrogenated veggie oils, and I think they even have the Union of Orthodox Rabbi’s seal of approval. Kids don’t know how easy they have it nowadays…)We had to content ourselves with those second-rate Hydrox cookie things. Those of you who grew up in kosher–or kinda, sorta kosher–households know what I’m talking about.)

If we construe the term “cookie” loosely, I would have to say that a really good cannoli rivals the almond macaroons. I miss being able to have a good cannoli and an espresso with sambuca. (There are no good cannolis where I live, and no-one here has even heard of drinking espresso with sambuca. Sometimes I really, really miss the food of my native New Jersey. sigh)

Oh, yeah–I almost forgot. A bakery near me makes the richest, most delicious chocolate sugar cookie things I’ve ever had. And my mom and I once made some sugar cookies from a Shaker recipe that were absolutely heavenly.


Pepperidge Farms Chessmen (w/ hot tea)

Ever notice that the vanilla wafers, the kind that tradionally go into bannana pudding, look like Ernie’s (of Burt and Ernie fame) skin? Sorry.(/hijack)

Homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. Or Oreo’s.

Chewy Chips Ahoy.

All of them. Or at least what ever is closest.
My favorite bakery cookie are Mrs. Field’s Snickerdoodles (sugar and cinnamon). My favorite store-boughts are HobNobs Plain Chocolate. My favorite home-mades are the Jam Tarts from the Better Homes and Garden Cookbook or the Hazelnut and Poppy Seed slices from the Sunset Cookie Book.

Gotta go with the Owl and the pussy Cat on this one.

White chocolate Macadamia nut coogies, hot out of the oven from Mrs. Fields ought to be illegal. Especially when you use them in the following;

[li]Psychedellic California Strawberry Shortcake[/li]Cookies with Berries and Ice Cream
[sup]Submitted by Zenster[/sup]

Always liked Pirate cookies. Mmmmmm.

Does anybody remember Peak Frean Playbox cookies? The taste of a time ago.

There is a snack shack in the lobby of a local hospital that sells a double chocolate chip thats to die for.

What’s a Pirate cookie? A brand or a recipie?

pirate cookies???

please, for the love of god, describe! where might i find such a delicacy as pirate cookies?

i would eat spackle if it was endorsed by a pirate. pirate cookies are pirate orgasm in a box, as far as i am concerned.