Which is your least favorite cookies, and why?

Rules: we’re talking about commercially made cookies, ones that are widely distributed. So not horrible examples from amateur bakers or ones sold only at some local independent bakery, okay?

Anyway, my least favorite is Vienna Fingers. The cookie part doesn’t taste like anything! Not even a hint of vanilla.

You know those flat little round cookies with the scalloped edge and a hole in the middle? The super bland ones that are safe to feed to babies because there is nothing at all in them, flavorwise? That is exactly what Vienna Fingers taste like. :frowning:

And the cream filling doesn’t have much of a flavor past ‘vaguely sweet’ either. I do NOT understand how they sell enough to keep them on the market.
So, how about you? What cookie would make you just put the lid back on the cookie jar and walk away?


American-style macaroons.

Anything with coconut in it.

Almost all commercial cookies.

With chocolate chip cookies, they are really only good to me if they are fresh out of the oven. I love them when they are soft and hot and the chocolate is all melty. I rarely indulge in them, but I am not going to waste my time on hard cold crumbly nasty cookies full of preservatives.

Any commercial cookie that uses palm/tropical oils - palm/tropical products give me the runs. Of course I could use them in place of a laxative.

One of the few cookies I like is the old school Archway Molasses cookie, the soft one with slightly scalloped edges. As far as I can tell, they are one of the few companies that doesn’t use tropical/palm oils in their cookies.

Though with food sensitivities I really prefer to bake my own desserts - I so rarely get sweets because of diabetes, I reformulate a lot of desserts to use splenda when I can. I tend to do egg custard, pumpkin custard or cheesecake as when splenda is used, it becomes very diabetic friendly.

Anything sugar-free or fat-free.

Cookies with nuts, raisins, or onions in them.

Anybody’s peanut butter cookies. PB is for PB&J sammiches, nothing else. I hate Reeses, too. ymmv

Just about all of them, including most Little Debbies, Hostess, and Oreos. (We bake our own cookies, cakes, and pies.) I have a special dislike for those commercially made, rock hard ‘chocolate chip’ cookies (doesn’t matter what brand) that taste vaguely of coconut. The softer ones are passable, but the hard ones - yuck.

Sugar cookies always remind me of being forced to go to Vacation Bible School. They always served the same terrible sugar cookies. They tasted like sadness and broken summer dreams.

I’m sure the slightly warm Kool-Aid added to that.

Any “soft-baked” commercial cookies. Taste way beyond fake to me.

Dad’s Oatmeal.

I think they are just dog biscuits for humans. Yuck.
Hubby loves them!

Oreos. Never was a big fan of this cookie or Hydrox or any of the generic knockoffs.

The rest of the ones mentioned in this thread I like to varying degrees, but now that you mention it, those “soft-baked” cookies do have something odd going on flavor-wise. I don’t mind it, but it’s not a normal cookie taste, I will agree.

Several years ago, the Girl Scouts test-marketed a sugar-free chocolate cookie or brownie in my area. EVERYONE who tried it said it was disgusting, and I never heard anything about it again.

Bad GS cookies - wtf?

The non-chocolate oreos. They have a cloying non-taste that makes me feel sick. I mean seriously, does chocolate cost more than vanilla? You couldn’t sneak a tiny drop of flavoring in there?!?

Also, any oatmeal cookie containing raisins. I LOVE oatmeal cookies, and despise raisins. They tempt me into believing that I can just tear off a few yummy pieces around the raisin spots. But it never works; there are always little ninja raisin shreds waiting to ruin the experience just as I’ve finally torn out enough for one delicious bite. Evil raisins.

Those dusty tins of assorted dry, crumbly piped butter cookies with mummified “cherries” and other crap on them. Only available in the living rooms of old ladies, on alternate years from the ribbon candy. Royal Dansk is one offender, but they get even worse at the dollar store.

Fig Newtons. Just always seemed yucky to me.

Girl Scout cookies — all flavors. Because they range from “not really that good” to “one bite was enough, I’m throwing out the rest of it.”

Bah! Nuts are delicious in cookies!

Bah! So are raisins!

Bah! So are–

Wait, what?