Your best examples of dark humor

I was recently reflecting on how much I enjoy dark humor. The closer it comes to being really offensive, the more I like it - but ONLY if it is truly funny also. It’s not enough to simply be offensive.

Here are the best examples or instances I can think of:

**Sam Kinison’s comedy routine about homosexual necrophilia.

John Cleese eulogizing Graham Chapman a’ la the “Dead Parrot Sketch”.

Michael Moore once organized a group of laryngectomy victims to sing Christmas carrols with their electronic voiceboxes at the headquarters of major tobacco companies.

The stuttering scene in “A Fish Called Wanda”.

Let’s have your examples, but be careful of being too detailed, as we’re not in the Pit.

There was a Kids in the Hall sketch, I forget what year. Dave Foley is sitting in a golf course clubhouse having a drink and Kevin McDonald comes in from his round. Dave asks him how it went and they exchange pleasant small talk.

“Do you play?” Kevin asks.

“Oh, God no.” Says Dave. “I hate the game. Hate people that play it even more.”

Taken aback, Kevin asks “Then why did you ask?”

“Guess I’m no good at small talk, you f**k.”

The immolation scene from Harold and Maude is kinda funny, too.

And the beginning of Shallow Grave, when they are being incredibly mean and obnoxious to people.

And the Sopranos episode where Paulie and Christopher get lost and frozen in the woods after trying to kill the Russian guy.

Kids In The Hall, where the surgeon comes out covered in blood:

“I’m not a very good doctor. I coasted through school, figuring ‘How far can you get on charm?’ As it turns out, pretty far.”

Along the same lines of Sam Kinison’s act, when he’d find the guy with the worst/best betrayal by their gf/wife, and then calling them up and basically watching Kinison go off on them.

The organ donor skit from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.

The ear scene in Resevoir Dogs.

One of the best in literature:

I’ll go with one of my own impromptu remarks.

My friend was filling me in on the latest conspiracy theory he’d heard about Princess Di’s death. He said that the paparazzi were actually Mossad agents trying to dig up dirt on her and discredit her anti-landmine campaigns. They had just been trying to get photos of her drunk, but accidentally caused the crash.

He finished it with “they just wanted to smear her.”

My immediate reply: “they did.”

It took him a few minutes to reply to that. Mainly to stop choking on his drink.
My personal favorite from Kids in the Hall:

David Foley as Drunk Dad: “Son, I have a surprise for you. I bought you a puppy today. But then on the way home from work, I got hungry, and I ate it. Oh come on, stop crying, I’m just kidding with you. You know I’d never buy you a puppy.”

“The peasants? Why, I love the peasants…”


Peasant screams as he flies through the air.


—Mel Brooks in History of the World

Q. What’s the difference between a truckful of babies and a truckful or sand?
A. You can’t shift a truckful of sand with a pitchfork.

Sorry, but you did ask :smiley:

Well, I know a joke about Jonestown; it has a pretty grim punch line.


The whole movie Heathers is a great example of dark comedy.

Death to Smoochy.

The end of the very first Buffy, where the principal explains that the kids who died didn’t learn a very good lesson today about safety, but the rest of us did.

Most of Andy Kaufman’s routines. I particularly liked the one in which he gets into it with a drunken heckler. Another guy in the audience was ready to take on the “drunk” by the time it was over.

George Wallace

Wanda Sykes

David Allen Grier

Eddie Murphy