Your best idea for a book you never wrote . . .

Ever had a great idea for a book but haven’t gotten around to writing it? Well you could die tomorrow, so post the idea here so it’s not lost to humanity forever. I’ll go first:

The Plague

Near future

Earth (whole planet)

All of the sudden the entire world comes down with a sickness. An unnamed group sends a video tape to all the major news outlets. The world has been infected with a bio-engineered virus that, if not cured, will result in death in 3 months. This group demands the following requirements be met, before they will give the cure (which they designed with the disease) to anyone:

All weapons nuclear, chemical, and biologic must be destroyed.
All communications systems and spy satelites must be turned over to this group.
Global borders must be erased and everyone must be registered as a citizen of the entire planet.
All food, medicine, and other resources of consequence must be accounted for and distributed to the planet evenly

Part of the story would be the scientists trying to create a cure, part would be the Law enforcement agencies trying to track these people down, and part would be the world actually realizing they have to concur or die, and the changes that come as a result.

The guys who released the disease would be another part of the story. They will not have decided whether to allow most of humanity to shape up and stick around, or whether to start fresh with a few hundred thousand (million?) people they select. It all depends on humanity’s actions (possibly final) for a period of 3 months.

I love the above idea, but I have so many other projects going, it’ll be a long time before I get around to the kind of time and research I’d have to put in to make it work. Now I know you might blow your copyrights here, so if you think you’ll write it, then don’t post it. But if you know you won’t get around to it, why not give the outline??? Maybe someone WILL write it, and you can get an honorable mention in the forward.

DaLovin’ Dj

DJ Original thought comes from with-in. Not by asking others.:):wink:

I’m not trying to jack anyones ideas, believe me. I’ve got 8 million story outlines on index cards, and I have to decide where to put my writing time. The script about the hookers, or the novel about the intelligent machine??? The MTV parody or the structure for that Documentary? The play or the TV show concept.

I just come up with so many ideas that I know I’ll never get too, I was just wondering if anyone else ran into the same situation. What’s the best book you probably won’t write?

DaLovin’ Dj

The best book I’ll never write is a ridiculously grandiose piece of sci-fi/fantasy I started on in the 9th grade titled Society: Perfect in which a soldier of the future discovers through various happenings that the perfect society (clever, huh?) he lives in is actually a sham (gasp!) and rather than being run by a beneficent council-of-elders type body is actually controlled entirely by and for the amusement of Merlin.

Yes, that Merlin.

I even had titles for the sequels, God help me. Society: Imperfect was to be about the downfall of this elaborately-constructed pseutopia and Society: Past Perfect was to be a prequel in which Merlin shaped our modern world into the one we see at the beginning of the first novel.

So, all that being said, I think we can all agree that the best book I won’t write deserves that fate entirely! :smiley:

I disagree entirely. That sounds really cool.

DaLovin’ Dj

DJ: If you have all those valuable thoughts running around in your head, why don’t you sit down one night and see how long you can go…To what hour can you make it…typing? Take those Ideas and run young grasshopper! Run!!

Come on! Writers have been doing it for eons!!! Take THAT wave cheif! When I was in grad school I had the same predicament, I had been writing a novel since my sophomore year. I needed it done and done quickly. I could not seem to write fast enough, for all the thoughts that kept lurking and creeping around my brain…My solution: I had no choice I had to keep going, I could not live with myself if I had quit. Plain and simple. So go.

Damn! I forgot to close the bracket!

I do. I do. I also have a job and I Dj and I act and I produce. The show I am getting up right now is a mix of improvisation and scripted, filmed sketches. Me and one other gentleman created a game format and the scenes to be filmed. It’s a parody of reality television shows. We will do improv and then vote each other off. It took many late hours of brainstorming and then planning to come up with. Now it’s becoming a living, breathing, performance worthy piece and it’s exciting to watch. But it takes alot of time, energy and money for every project.

I use the same technique the Director of “El Mariachi” and “Desperado” used. I right the ideas on index cards, then break it down into scenes on more cards. Then they have to be actually written, and that’s the trick. I have so much going on that it is alot easier to create the outlines then give them the love they need to become great works. I have just recently started a production company (Gooseisdead Productions), and we already have projects lined up for the next 2 years at least. Unless they hook up those immortality pills, I simply will not be able to write everything cool that I think of.

Know that while I can’t bring all of my ideas to fruition, I do bring quite a bit of them to reality. If your in New York sometime in January-February, perhaps you could catch the show I’m working on right now.

One script idea that’s been moving forward on the To-Do list is lno’s idea from Anubis’ anti hip-hop thread a while back. Great stuff that.

DaLovin’ Dj

Well Actually DJ I do live close to NYC and the Wife and I are always looking for things to do in the city. We are both currently pretty tired from Yesturday! Standing on Broadway was fun for a while but the parade just kept going and going and going!!! If you can post your venue than we may show up. Or at least let me know what paper its in.

You sound like you have a full fledged maelstrom going on right now. Its interesting you are deciding on film. Such a difficult way to foster a point these days…

It’s an idea for a cookbook.
For Men.
Each dish has a maximum of FOUR ingredients.

Because, as men, we can’t remember more than four of anything. More than that, we need a list.

GrizzWife’s still encouraging me to go through with writing it.

How bout a movie script…

AHNOLD is a slave in a MATRIX like society. They feed violent nightmarish images into his brain and train him to respond appropriately. In reality his brain impulses (or maybe his thrashings via virtual reality waldoes) are controlling remote warbots that are expanding the evil empire through ruthless destruction of the opposition.

One day, he wakes up…

Slightly OT, but as a child I was crushed when my great book idea was crushed when I saw… Regarding Henry on television.

They stole my idea!

[sub]And I never quite recovered from the disappointment :([/sub]

When you were a kid?? Narrad I thought Regarding Henry was with Harrison Ford and was in the early ninties. This was back when you were a kid? How old are you now? I guess where I am taking this is, one is never too old continue the Saga…with any book.

Film is a part, but this current project mixes stage improvisation with pre-recorded sketch parody’s, as well as live feeds from “Loser Basement” and live broadcast of voting/confessional booth. Film and stage joining together. The popular term, I believe, is mutltimedia. It is an incredible amount of work to get it to flow right, but it’s coming together nicely. Once we get the dates straightened out, and I check it with the mods, I’ll post the where’s and when’s for any who may be interested.

Future projects are film-centric at the time, but that’s where you can really shine. The technology has come in to a reachable range. With a couple decent cameras and a good computer, you can cut, edit, and apply effects like a pro. Some really neat stuff can be done for a reasonable price these days. Just watch a movie like “Best in Show” or the same director’s earlier “Waiting for Guffman” to see an example of how effectively film can use clever editing to make a point.

I love those other ideas youse guys posted. We need some auto-write software to take our ideas and do the grunt work. That’d be some nice code. Then we could just edit and tweak.

DaLovin’ Dj

I have one

Title: A Night to Dismember

Plot: A hundred years after a man was lynched in the Deep South, his spirit rises in order to get revenge on the lynchers’ decendants. Or does he?