Your best preserved cookie

How well preserved are your internet cookies? How long with they last that is :slight_smile:

Not counting “never”, my best preserved and most optimisistic cookie is set to expire on this day in 2071. I will be 95 years old.

How bout you?

Let’s see here… I tend to block a lot of cookies, so my pickings are rather slim…

From, and
Wookie-Cookie, set to expire in 2013. (I just love the name of the cookie!)

And a few misc. other ones set to expire in 2038.

<< C is for cookie, that’s good enough for me! >>

And here I was thinking the cookie I found under the couch just might have qualified :slight_smile:

Man. I thought this was a thread about stale gingersnaps or something. By the way, gingersnaps ARE the best preserved cookies in my opinion. It’s like, they’re already stale, so no hurry to eat them; they’ll last forever…!

( I miss cookies. :frowning: )

Count me in as another person who thought this was a baked goods thread.


  1. I never knew they had expiration dates. As if any of us will still be using these computers in 5 years.