Your best weird but appropriate analogy...

The RULES (hey, it’s my thread, so I’m gonna set 'em!!):

The analogy you offer must:

  1. Pertain to a Cafe Society-appropriate thing.

  2. Stretch our thinking a bit - make a connection that is unexpected, but effective and insightful.

  3. Not be obsure - relating a 14th century philosopher to an arcane subatomic particle may be cooler-than-thou, but so what?


  1. If you don’t like the analogy someone else has offered, you may only state so if you also: a) state why; and b) offer a better analogy for the same thing in the original post. But…

5)…you are NOT allowed to hijack this thread for a multi-post debate or argument. If you want to have “tea parties” to discuss/debate/argue about a specific analogy, take it to your own thread!!

Okay - me first:

  1. A Gibson Les Paul Guitar is like Harvard, and a Fender Stratocaster Guitar is Like Cal Berkeley:

Les Paul: Elite, expensive, a smaller-but-passionately-devoted enrollment who think the are the chosen few.

Strat: More populous and overall more popular, has more “Nobel Prize Winners” - i.e., guitar immortals, such as Hendrix, Clapton, Beck and SRV. Prestigious, but in a middle-class sort of way.

  1. Picasso is like Microsoft:
  • Started small but ended up the dominant player in their field
  • Sustained dominance, earmarked by arrogance and ego - at times maintained with ruthless behavior
  • clear innovation and creation of new schools of thought/applications within their areas, but also a lot of time spent as a “fast follower,” taking a dominant role in areas imagined/created by others.
  • even people who hate them cannot deny their ongoing influence

Okay - yours?

This thread is like my life.

There’s too many rules and I can’t think of anything witty to say.

“Okay, if your large intestine is a baseball diamond, the appendix is just around third base.”

bump - one last shot for over the weekend…