Your bumper sticker says you're a Christian.

Your driving says you’re a prick.

I say – actions speak louder than words.

Ah, but then they’ll have the bumper sticker that says “Christians aren’t perfect; just forgiven!”

Forgiven by whom? takes a lot to forgive bad driving habits, like passing in a 20 mph zone, on icy roads. ;j

I just have seen a lot of bad drivers that have the xtian badges on the vehicle.

A bumper sticker that I would love to see:
"Warning: Driver believes that upon death, he will ascend into heaven to dwell in peace and joy eternal. ** TRY ** and pass me, bi-atch.

Which they aren’t. And are. Which isn’t supposed to be an excuse. I hope.

A bumper sticker that I would love to see:
"Warning: Driver believes that upon death, he will ascend into heaven to dwell in peace and joy eternal. ** TRY ** and pass me, bi-atch.

Well, quite a few that I know seem to feel that they do not need to behave better. To quote one: “My sins have been forgiven, so you’ll just need to deal with it”. This from a guy who got drunk and demolished a shed on my property.

Loose translation:
God forgives me.
I don’t care squat about you.

Well, I don’t fucking forgive you and from where I sit, I’m the only one who matters. So I guess your God will just have to see about clearing it with me first.

“Jesus Would Use His Turn Signal”

Not to hijack the thread, but can someone please explain this “Xtian” thing to me? I am not a religious person, but that’s really starting to bug me. I think it’s very disrespectful, personally.

Calling Jesus “Christ” or “The Christ” basically implies (ok, loosely) that you think he was/is divine. Saying Xianity, even though it means the same thing, is just a non-believers way of not recognizing Jesus as god.

Question: Is using the term ‘Xmas’ leaving Christ out of Christmas?

OK. I won’t crab about it. I still think it’s disrespectful (you may not think Buddha was anybody special, but nobody types “*****ist”) but I’ll keep it to myself from here on in.

Personally, I always find the cars plastered with Christian bumper stickers to be the shitheads driving in the hammerlane at several miles an hour under the speed limit! The Christian stickers that kill me are the ones that say, “The Death Penalty: WWJD” Uh, I think it’s pretty obvious what Jesus would do. He’d die like he did the last time! (No offense meant to any Christians out there. I just have to believe that Jesus would want followers who thought for themselves and didn’t parrot back some Bible verse without thinking of the context in which it was originally written.)

So you see LifeOnWry, non-believers think that it’s disrespectful. Others don’t.

Once, in a church parking lot, I saw a car back into the “Jesus” license plate on the front of another car and drive off.

I practically fell over.

Non-believers use the X=chi=Christ as an abbreviation, just as believers do. No disrespect is meant by it.

You see, this is another good reason why I don’t have any Christian bumper stickers on my car. For one thing, I dislike the idea. (I think it’s too much personal information in a way, and…I dunno. I just don’t like it.)

But there’s also the thing about me speeding a little. I don’t think I’m an inconsiderate driver, but there have probably been a few times when I’ve indavertantly done something jerky. I don’t want people to see my Christian bumper sticker and someone make something of it. As of now, all they can do is think ill of people who like to visit Yosemite National Park (as that is mainly the kind of sticker adorns the back of my car!).

Man, I should have previewed that post more. Never mind, I’m sure you got the gist.