Bumper Sticker: So Many Christians....

There was a thread a while ago somewhere – possibly in the Pit, possibly elsewhere – that expressed ire at seeing a car with a bumper sticker that said “Christians Aren’t Perfect - Just Forgiven.” The OP thought it was arrogant; other posters defended or agreed with that view. It was an interesting look at how the words were viewed by different readers.

Yesterday I saw a car that had several bumper stickers: “Democracy, Not Theocracy,” “Re-Defeat Bush,” “If You Promise Not To Pray In My School, I Promise Not to Think In Your Church,” and a very clever “Jesus”-style fish ornament that had “n’Chips” inside instead of Jesus.

Taken together, I believe that one can safely infer a few things about the car owner’s attitude towards religion.

The one bumber stciker that stood out, though, in the midst of the others I mention was: “So Many Christians, So Few Lions.”

I was not remotely offended. I thought it was consistent with the antipathy showed by the other stickers, and I didn’t take it as a literal desire to see Christians torn to shreds by lions.

But I thought I’d ask, since “Christians Aren’t Perfect, Just Forgiven” apparently offended at least some readers.

Is a bumper sticker with “So Many Christians, So Few Lions” offensive?

Atheist/agnostic here:

Yes it is an offensive sticker. In theory. In my opinion, the offence is limited though because of the fact that Christians have been traditionally big users of bumper stickers to get their point across, and IMHO some of those stickers are arrogant. Also this one’s kinda funny.

I wouldn’t put it on my car though. I’d consider putting the “If you promise not to pray in my school…” one on my car if that issue was significant where I live. However, it isn’t, so I wouldn’t. I find that sticker very funny.

In a nutshell, I’d not put any of those stickers on my car. The joke wears off quick enough, and I’m not about to go out of my way to annoy Christians (except the ones who hassle me in shopping malls).

This is very topical. Bumper stickers aren’t so popular these days in the UK (at least, not in the part I drive around) but I saw one yesterday that made me think. It was a ‘jesus fish’ ornament - but inside it read ‘Darwin’ and if you looked closely the fish had feet!

First, the evolution/genesis dichotomy isn’t a big discussion point in the UK (same caviat applies) so I was a little surprised anyway. But then I thought that the ornament could be taken so many ways, especially given the apparent lack of discussion, that I wondered what the intended message was anyway.

The “Darwin fish” as it’s called, has been around the US for years. It’s a take-off on the “Jesus fish”, symbolizing evolution. I got one from a friend, but some of the “Christians” where I worked would key vehicles with messages they didn’t like, so it never got put on the car.

To answer the OP, I think both examples are rude and somewhat offensive. OTOH, I’ve never gotten the mentality that makes people hang their philosophy all over their vehicle. Does anyone really care about the political/religious/entertainment choices of the guy in the next lane?

My next-door neighbor has on his car bumper a Darwin fish that’s being eaten by a much larger fish called “TRUTH.” Every time I see it, I wanna rip it right off, because it’s offensive. Well…it’s ignorant, and I find ignorance highly offensive. But, free speech and all…

The strange thing is that this guy’s a Pakistani immigrant. Aren’t they all Muslim? Eh, whatever. I’m still thinking of covering it over with an F.T.S.O.J. sticker, though. :smiley:

And I’ve seen a riposte varient that had a “Christian Fish” eating the “Darwin Fish.”
In regard to the “So many Christians, so few Lions” bumper sticker, I’m a Christian, and I actually thought it was funny, but only for a moment, like all jokes it ceases to be funny through repetition. And what is the car owner really saying? “I hope all Christians die a horrible death”? I hope not.

And in my experience, the car owner probubly berates Christians for their “intolerance”. Go figure.

I guess I should have looked at what the FTSOJ link stood for before clicking on it.
As a Christian, I’d say it’s about as offensive and effectual as any bumper sticker; that is to say, it’s not. Although it does seem to imply a desire to slaughter Christians, it’s also obviously not meant to be taken literally.

Atheist/Agnostic/Something or other here. Yes, absolutely offensive.

I think it’s funny rather than offensive. But then, I’m not a religionist.

I started the thread mentioned in the OP. I’d have to say the difference between the lions sticker and the forgiven sticker is one is actually kinda funny. So I guess I don’t find it offensive stand alone. But as soon as it’s taken as a whole with the other stickers on the car, I’d be willing to percieve the car owner as an ass. Athiests witnessing and assuming pompous superiority is just as bad as christians witnessing and assuming pompous superiority.

I’m a Christian, and while I’m not personally offended by the sticker (it’s just a silly bumper sticker), I’m sure if it were reworded “So many Athiests, so few bullets” (sorry, couldn’t think of what kills athiests historically…crusades?) it would cause a rather big stink.

So much for that whole “judge not” thing in Christianity. :rolleyes:

I don’t understand this comment… could you spell it out a bit for me?

I guess I didn’t properly respond to the OP. Sorry. I just hate those judgmental Xtian bumper stickers. Or really, religious bumper stickers of any kind. I don’t like being told I’m going to hell for not being a Xtian, and I’m not going to tell Xtians that I think they’re stupid.

Their religion is none of my bidness and my spirituality is none of theirs.

Fortunately, there’s a thread available in which you can share these thoughts. It’s here

I wonder if I could get a grant to study parking lot vandalism of vehicles with religiously oriented bumper stickers in various public locations.

I do it because it gives me a chance to make people who agree with me happier and people who disagree with me more annoyed. And I think people who disagree with me on the few issues I feel strongly enough about to represent in sticker format DESERVE to be annoyed. Regularly, if at all possible. It’s pretty minor in comparison to what they’ve done, but I’ll take what I can get.

Regarding the lions sticker… I sympathize with the sentiment a bit, I suppose, but the sticker is WAY too far over the top. I wouldn’t put it on my car, and I’d say something to a friend who had it on his/hers.

So are you saying it’s wrong for a Christian to be judgemental?

Well, the bible teaches that only God can judge. If someone is a true Xtian, then they would try hard not to judge others.

That is one of the Xtian philosophies that I can get on board with. I don’t think it’s cool to judge people. It’s difficult not to do it, but it’s a worthy moral to strive towards.

The lions thing: Offensive

The other day I saw one: “If you are going to believe there is no God, you’d better be right.” Had it been parked I’d have left a note under the windshield, “If you are going to believe in One God, you’d better have picked the right One.”