Your computer privacy revealed to the repairman?

I have had my computer for 4 years and have never needed an upgrade or repair ( knocking wood) but…if I took it in to be repaired wouldn’t the tech who worked on it be able to see all my private shit? You know like my favorite depraved porno sites and email letters to my mistress… I know he probably wouldn’t give a rats ass, but isn’t it kinda like taking your pants to the cleaners with the pockets full? well hell maybe I don’t have a mistress but you know what I mean? I guess the same applies if one were to sell their computer…

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You betcha. That’s where half the kiddie porn busts come from. Now if you were really smart, you’d plug in a second hard drive and keep all the private stuff on that and just pop it out when you need to take the machine in for service.

Well my wife won’t let me look at porno sites and I can’t find a mistress so I guess I got nuttin to hide…take my computer please…

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I work on pc’s and I’ll say that I could care less what is on the hard drive. If I looked thru each 2 to 8 gigabyte hard drive to see if there was anything good, secret, juicy,… on it, I wouldn’t get much work done. Now as far as selling your pc with your stuff still on it, that is of major concern to corporations.

It can happen.
Two weeks ago I was in the local computer store/repair shop getting a new keyboard.
The previous one that I bought from them had a weak key so I had the new board tested.
The sales person led my back to the shop to do the test, one of the techs was watching a porn video clip on a machine he was repairing.
Everybody got a big laugh out of it.

t lion

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Yeah they sure can see all that stuff unless its password protected.

They should NOT, however ever do that. Im sure if the boss caught them doing it he would take some action.

I do PCs for the thrift shops & I often have to clear out old personal stuff but I do that without reading it. The number of computers we get with peoples internet passwords on them is incredible but I clear that stuff out too.

If you’re worried about it, fix it yourself. If your selling it, reformat and wipe the disk (i.e., write garbage over it).